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May 21, 2012 11:28 AM

Tater Salad: How Do You Take It?

Do you like your tater salad dressed with mayo? Mustard? A combination of the two?

I'm not a major mayo guy, but I prefer tater salad with a fairly copious amount o' mayo adulterated by a somewhat smallish dose of Dijon mustard.

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  1. I like a combination of mayo and Dijon mustard - much more mayo than mustard, of course. To me the key to good potato salad is to pour over the roughly chopped HOT potatoes a mixture of olive oil and vinegar, salt and pepper. I like a lot of chopped hard boiled eggs, celery and parsley in it too. My favorite recipe is the one from the Silver Palate cookbook, with cucumber left out.

    1. I never cared for potato salad as a kid but I've grown to like it as an adult, slowly but surely. I like both mayo and vinaigrette styles - what's most important to me is the add-ins. No large chunks of celery is extremely important (celery is fine if grated or finely minced, but if I have to bite it, NO WAY). Definitely no random vegetables like peas, green beans, etc. Not a fan of Miracle Whip, sweet pickle relish or anything else that adds a lot of sweetness. Tangy things (mustard, capers, etc.) and herbs of any kind are welcome! Oh, and feel free to add hard boiled eggs or bacon - I love protein!

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        Ooh, forgot to mention - my most favorite potato salad of all is German potato salad, made with red skinned potatoes, bacon, lots of onions and cider vinegar. This thread has totally sparked a craving for it, too!

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          amen! this is my favorite too. and i know it's not traditional, but i love mine with a little smoked paprika added.

      2. My latest fab is one made with the addition of eggs, bacon and celery and dressed with a combo of Mayo, sour cream, Dijon and chipotle. Excellent

        1. Darn autocorrect - supposed to be Fav.

          1. I'm a big tater salad fan & enjoy it MANY different ways.

            With mayo, sour cream, & blue cheese; warm German-style; Greek style with Kalamata olives & feta cheese; French style tossed warm with vinagerette - the varieties of delicious potato salads are endless.