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Where to find less common/unusual greens in the GTA?

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I am looking to try new greens, both salad greens and moe hearty ones which are often cooked/wilted sauteed etc. Where are some good places to purchase some of the less common options? For example, I recently read about miner's lettuce, which I gather grows like a weed out west but I have never seen it growing or for sale in GTA grocers, produce shops or farmers' markets.

Hope someone has some good ideas for me! Thanks!

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  1. try some asian markets they have several types of leafy greens that you don't regularly see in most markets.

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      I have looked in Asian markets and they do have a much wider variety but they concentrate, not surprisingly, on asian greens!

      I am just looking for variety but perhaps I am too early in the growing season.

    2. I haven't shopped there in a few years, but Harvest Wagon always had an excellent selection of produce. You pay the price though!

      1. Miners Lettuce is talked about in foraging books.

        1. Most supermarkets carry the Southern US staple, collard greens. Tradionally they're slow-cooked with smoked pork (ham hocks, bacon), but it's not necessary if you prefer a vegetarian version.. I just sauté some onion, add washed, cut-up greens (tough stems removed) and a little chicken stock with s & p to taste. It probably only takes 45 min to an hour.

          1. Hi done,
            I ordered miner's lettuce, which is called Claytonia, from William Dam Seeds. It's coming up in my garden now. It's very fragile but very unusual in a salad.

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              try uncle george's sprouts on the lower level of st lawrence market. they have lots of baby greens and a ton of interesting sprouts and seedlings that will add interest to any salad