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May 21, 2012 11:15 AM

New Farmers' Market in Pasadena Playhouse District opened last Wednesday

A new Farmers' Market has popped up in Pasadena. This one opened last Wednesday on the Northeast corner of El Molino and Union. They are there from 3:30-7:30. Have not been yet, but may stop by this week. Brought to us by the same people who do the Saturday and Tuesday Pasaden FMs.

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  1. Spenser Farm was telling me the newish asphalt was roasting them alive and it's best to come around dusk.

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    1. re: TonyC

      Ish, especially now that summer is upon us! Thanks for the info!

    2. I don't know why they moved it there from the South Lake location, which had plenty of free parking. I'm not sure where to park for this one, as there are no free lots in the area & street parking is scarce.

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        1. re: WildSwede

          And of course the market would obviously be IN the parking lot!

          If you don't mind walking a couple of blocks you can usually find a space somewhere. I've gotten into the habit of parking about a quarter-mile from the center of the South Pas market, and while downtown Pasadena isn't quite as pleasant for walking I guess I'll just deal with it. Gonna be nice having local/semilocal markets three days in a row! And then Saturday too! And if you consider "local" to be within a ten-mile radius then I think Monday is the only day we're lacking one, with Monrovia's on Friday and La Canada's on Sunday.

          1. re: Will Owen

            How does the La Canada market compare to the Saturday Pasadena market? A couple of times I've missed Saturday, and thought I had to choose between Hollywood and Studio City on Sunday.

            1. re: Jack Flash

              IIRC, the Saturday Pasadena one is larger, although I have not been to the La Canada one in a couple of years. Does Rockenwagner still sell at the LC one? Isn't there also one in Montrose on Sundays?

              <edit> answered my own question re: Montrose:
              not a heck of a whole lot info on the LC one
              Pasadena info:

              1. re: Jack Flash

                Jack Flash, I have only been by the LCF market, haven't gone there. Need to check out Montrose, too. The one area Sunday FM I've been to is down in Alhambra, sort of tucked behind that mall at Main and Garfield. Lots of local under-the-powerline farmers, I think, and some decent food, but it's been over two years since we last went. Bought my first-ever kabocha there.

                1. re: Will Owen

                  I love the Alhambra one. They have all kinds of interesting fruits and veggies. The vendors are very helpful and will describe the item and how to best cook/prepare it.

                  1. re: WildSwede

                    I was thinking Sunday - I guess it'd be silly to have it the same day as Montrose.

                    I need to get back down to Alhambra. Might need to resist temptation from the food vendors and drop into Pho 79 …

          2. Looks like the plan is to do this through at least September 26th:

            "El Molino Ave & Union Street
            (Northeast Corner)
            Open Wednesdays
            May 16 thru Sept. 26
            3:30-7:30 p.m."


            I agree about the parking. It's probably not a happy coincidence that it's at the same time as the matinee rates for the nearby Laemmle's Playhouse 7.

            1. I love that some of my favorite CH are posting on Pasadena. Should do a Pasadena CH round up one of these days.

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                  1. re: WildSwede

                    Second the motion. Need to arrange it elsewhere than this board, however. Mods don't 'low no socializin' 'round here …

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                      Just for reference, here's a link to our Chowdown guidelines: Etiquette for Chowdowns and other Gatherings ( )

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                        Thanks for the clarification, Team. We are overdue for a 'hounds event on this side of the county. The last one I attended was a breeze, since it was in my back yard, but a resto gathering would be fun too. I'd be happy to open our discussions at

              1. Went today. Nice little market with plenty of parking. Got my favorite fuerte avocados and delicious apricots. No cooked food if you're thinking about picking up din.

                However, the new ALTADENA FARMERS MARKET on Wednesday from 3-7pm was much more to my liking. I have never seen such beautiful greens. Many vendors sold out early. And the vibe was cooler than cool.

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                1. re: revets2

                  I checked out the new Pasadena market yesterday as well. I snagged a parking spot on Union, but was pleased to see that the market uses only a portion of the parking lot in which it is held, so there actually is somewhere to park if you're not as lucky as I was.

                  Where exactly is the Altadena market?

                  I was also informed that the reason the Pasadena market moved to its new location from South Lake is because the South Lake business district wants to do its own market, but no word on when that might materialize.

                  1. re: Jack Flash

                    Jack - Altadena FM is at Lincoln and Palm. I was too busy to go yesterday, but it's on my must-do list, especially as the founder/manager is an acquaintance. revets2, those greens sound good!

                    1. re: Will Owen

                      Is the new Altadena FM related to the folks that had several events at the Zane estate?

                      1. re: Peripatetic

                        Yes. Joseph Shuldiner was one of the main instigators of those projects, and he's the director of the new FM. Lovely guy, multi-talented and a real fireball.

                  2. re: revets2

                    Interestingly, I had exactly the opposite reaction after my first visit yesterday.

                    Parking was messy, since it is in a neighborhood with nothing organized. While I found a spot about 1/2 mile away, and it was not much further than where I find parking for the Pasadena Saturday market at PHS, the lack of any organized parking put me off.

                    I found only two farmstands with fresh vegetables. Most had bunches of herbs - and there were too many of them. There were some specialty prepared foods - one gent was selling $5 brittles and brownies with some exotic ingredients like Thai flavors - but it was too pricey for my wallet.

                    The one thing I did think of buying was super fat snow peas, but he was charging $5/lb, when everything else in his stall was $2/lb or thereabouts. The greens were fresh indeed, but for my personal buying pattern, this farmer's market did not have sufficient products to make me want to go back.

                    Our Altadena neighborhood blog monitors things like this, and if it picks up, then I will give it another try.

                    1. re: suvro

                      Wow. We're we at the same FM?

                      Arrived at 5:15pm, parked across the street and had my choice of parking. People greeted us cheerfully as we walked in.

                      Kenter Canyon, Suncoast, and another vendor I can't remember that had terrific produce...bought their last strawberry basket. There were other fruit vendors as well. As a former chef, I can say I thought this market was very well curated for a small market.

                      I think the confectioner to whom you're referring is Morning Glory, a micro batch producer. I agree, it's expensive, but that's because they use very high quality raw materials. They're product is amazing.

                      I will say they had a very good response and some stuff was already sold out when we got there such as the yeasted pretzels, the fermented foods guy, no more Glacier at Drake Family Farms (but OMG we can buy one of the best goat cheeses in the 626 again!), stone fruit vendor.

                      Different strokes I guess.

                      1. re: suvro

                        According to the several reports on this in the local papers, there's a bus lot a block away where one can park. I don't foresee a major problem, as I make a point of parking at least a quarter mile away at the South Pas and Pasadena markets anyway just to get some extra walking in (and to avoid a lot of traffic!).

                        The pieces in the Star-News and Valley Sun were highly complimentary. I'm looking forward to Wednesday.