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May 21, 2012 10:42 AM

Best place to say bye to Fois Gras

Just a few weeks till the fois ban takes place...where are people's favorite places for Fois? I'm planning a tour of the city to say good bye.

List so far:

Petrorussian - Fois Ravioli
Umamicattessen - Fois Donut
Providence- Fois sautee

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  1. You should add Melisse, particularly (if you have $185 to spend) for its "foie for all" tasting menu.

    1. We had some pretty exceptional preparations at Animal on Friday. It was almost odd, because the fois was treated in such new ways than the seared with sweet sauce version that is so often served. Our favorite was the tongue with pastrami seasoning and foie gras.

      1. fig: foie gras chicken liver parfait
        baco: foie gras chicken liver mousse
        kiyokawa: foie gras sushi