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May 21, 2012 10:30 AM

Finding Something Chow Worth at the Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport?

Hi. Hubby will have a five hour layover at Benito Juarez Airport. He does not want to leave the airport area and wants to find a good place to eat and wait.


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  1. Do you know which terminal he'll be in?

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    1. re: DiningDiva

      He will be flying from TJ to Merida on AeroMexico. We are inmigrado, so this is a Mexican citizen flying domestically. Does that make a difference?

      By the way, this is a business trip; he is going to the Botanas La Lupita headquarters in Merida to meet with his Japanese clients who want to negotiate a contract to produce custom potato chips for importation to Japan

      1. re: Gypsy Jan

        Jan, inmigrado is not the same as citizenship. Nevertheless, it makes no difference to the terminal where he lands. Either his ticket or his itinerary should show the information you need.

        1. re: cristina

          Thanks, Cristina

          /everyone you talk to has a different story. Do you have any recommendations for where he should go/what he should do after he lands in D.F. and is waiting for his flight to Merida?

          His Great Dane service dog (free seat) will be with him and will need water and and a pee and poop area.

          1. re: Gypsy Jan

            When is he flying, Jan? If it's not today, we are going to NY today (22nd) and I can scope out a bit of the airport on the way to catch the plane. The airport taxi comes in about an hour, so I'll look for your response here this evening.


            1. re: cristina

              He's scheduled to fly there June 1.


    2. Did you do a search on this board?

      I merely plugged in AIRPORT and found this thread that spans 7 yrs or so, but there may some info of use. I love that airport and always find something interesting and fun to eat.

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      1. re: thegforceny

        Thanks thegforceny .

        Yes I am familiar with that thread, but it is seven years old and from what I understand, the Benito Juarez International Airport has been heavily renovated since then.

        All my internet searches about airport info turn up very old postings. The official airport website has a lot of information, but it is poorly organized and hard to decipher (at least the English language version).

        I was hoping to get some recent, first hand reports.

        1. re: Gypsy Jan

          I was in Terminal 1 10 months ago and it was pretty much as it's always been. It didn't seem to be very different than it had been on previous trips. That said, Term 1 is a long narrow building with a number of little side aisle/corridors some of which lead to restaurants, taxi sitios, car rental desks, busses, rest rooms, etc. I didn't have need to venture down any of them and there may have been renovation in those areas.

          I was through Terminal 2 in Sept. 2011 and it too looked pretty much the same as usual. I didn't observe any construction or renovation going on, but then I wasn't exactly looking for it either.

          I agree that the web sites for the Mexico City airport are not particularly user friendly. I did find one last year that I thought was fairly useful, but I don't think I bookmarked it. If you haven't checked the forums over on Lonely Planets Thorne Tree, you might want to ask your questions there as well.

          1. re: DiningDiva

            I know this is a few days late for the OP but figured it may be worth to report on my recent experience (last week). We ate at La Mansion. We were flying back to LAX and the restaurant is located a short walk from the international terminal before going through security. It is at the very end of the terminal past the food-court. The restaurant is the most up-scale/formal restaurant we saw in the general area. The service was good, attentive but a bit slow. The food was solid, but nothing spectacular overall. Maybe I'm being too harsh. For airport food, it was very good. We ate at the "express" section of the restaurant so I'm not sure if the menu is different in the main section of the restaurant but it La Mansion is basically a steak house. I started with a carne en su jugo soup which was listed as their specialty. Basically it was a beef au jus soup. It was served with chopped onions, cilantro and jalapeno. Rich meaty flavor, nicely seasoned. Unfortunately it was a bit on the cold side. The soup was rich and fatty, so the cooler temperature created a filmy texture that was not appetizing. I've had a few carnes en su jugos entres at other places that use a similar au jus but is served with beans and chunks of meat, and maybe I was expecting a similar taste and was thus underwhelmed with their signature dish.
            For entre I had the mesquite filet. Great piece of meat, cooked as ordered, but was bathed in an okay (pretty standard) bbq sauce. It was my fault, I should have asked how it was prepared before ordering, but I wrongly assumed that mesquite referred to a smoking process rather than mesquite sauce! Overall I would recommend this place if you're looking for a more formal meal. Their ingredients were top notch. If you're looking for traditional mexican food, especially if you're about to leave mexico for a long time, I suggest stopping by the food-court and getting more traditional fair. Or even better, on your way to the airport make some last minute stop at a taco stand!

            1. re: hambriento

              Thanks, all input is gratefully accepted and added to our chow mental database, and, actually, this is not to late for my hubby, he is still in MĂ©rida and will be transiting the Mexico City D.F. airport again two days from now.