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May 21, 2012 10:10 AM

red sauce Italian near the Theater District- Trattoria Trecolori, Puttanesca or somewhere else?

After reading several older threads re: red sauce restaurants, 9th Ave restaurants and Italian restaurants in Midtown West/near the Theater District, it seems Trecolori and Puttanesca are recommended fairly frequently. I had also considered Bricco, but I'd prefer a restaurant with more veal and chicken options on the menu.

Would you choose Trattoria Trecolori or Puttanesca for a group of 8?

If you like dining at Trattoria Trecolori or Puttanesca, which dishes would you recommend the most?

Thanks for any comments.

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  1. Trecolori is a solid choice, you will have a nice meal there. I've ordered the gnocchi with eggplant and the chicken piccante, both were great. My husband has had the linguine vongolle and really enjoyed it.

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      1. re: ciaobaby

        +1 for Trecolori, it's convenient, nice interior, and the food is quite good especially for being so close to tourity areas. It's not really what I think of when I hear "red sauce" place but it is good Italian.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I wouldn't necessarily categorize Becco as red-sauce Italian.

          2. Trattoria Trecolori seems to get the most recommendations for theater district Italian. We tried it recently, based on raves from this board. It was good but not quite as good as I was expecting. I think I was oversold based on all the chowhound comments. Even though it was only about a month ago, I can't remember a single thing we ate. They did get us out in time and the food was good, just not special or memorable in any way. There's nothing at all wrong with it (other than the noise level, but that seems to be the way things are these days). It's just not as special as I had hoped. I would go again but would probably try some other places before venturing back.

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              I agree. I'm not sure why Trattoria Trecolori gets so much hype on this board.

            2. Not sure where you are going to the theater but if you were willing to go to Bricco on 56th Street, I would suggest Basso56. I have gone there for several business lunches and the food is always pretty good.


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                +1. It's been a while since I dined at Basso56 but I really liked my dinner there. I believe higher price point than the two listed by OP, though.

                I like Trattoria Trecolor fine, especially if I'm going to the theater afterwards and don't plan to linger. That said, the last time I went I found one of the servers kind of obnoxious or sarcastic. I asked something about one of the dishes, either its preparation or what it actually was. He implied it was obvious from the name, or something like that. I was pretty surprised by his behavior. Anyway, the other times I've been service was pleasant.

              2. We have not been to the other places but go to Puttanesca often. Always very good. Never disappointed.

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                  Hi Motosport, what do you order the most at Puttanesca? The restaurant worked well for our group, but I think I could've ordered better.

                  1. re: prima

                    We usually go with a group and order a variety of appetizers. I like their calamari. The Puttanesca is excellent of course. They make a nice Bolognese sause too. Most times we'll mix and match and share.
                    Glad you liked it.