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May 21, 2012 09:54 AM

Food Network Star, Week 2 (SPOILER)

This was an episode that made one wonder how at least a couple of contestants ever got chosen. Like the woman who bitched about having to deal with fried chicken ("I don't fry chicken") and waffles ("I don't like waffles. I like pancakes."), and not being as enthusiastic as others about meeting and picking the brains of some very iconic New York cooks/proprietors.

And some, like self-proclaimed Mr. Rock n; Roll, seem to be all about themselves and not about the food. We'll see if they fall by the wayside fairly quickly.

Eric Lee is my hometown boy (Sonoma County), and I met him a few years ago. He's as nice in person as he comes off on TV. But I fear his cooking expertise may not carry him through the Big Personality Test. Wonder if he got any tips in advance from our other hometown boy, Guy Fieri...

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  1. I taped the episode but missed the part where the fifties blonde asked if she could interrupt. Maybe I fast-forwarded too energetically. What did I miss?

    1. I was surprised that some of the contestants didn't 'get' the food they were asked to work with. There was really nothing terribly exotic about any of it, but I'd guess about half the contestants weren't familiar with the assigned food. And some embraced the challenge more than others.

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      1. re: jeanmarieok

        I'm not really surprised. I was actually expecting some problems with white people in Harlem and Gentiles encountering Jewish food. I did wonder if creepy-looking guy knew that some Jews do not consider caviar (or at least that which comes from sturgeon) to be kosher.

      2. I love the Next Food Network Star but I don't really take reality shows seriously. Many of these shows are so 'Producer influenced and induced' that you sit there with a catatonic stare. And please don't let America have to be involved in the voting....OMG..It can get scary. I would love to see Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson cook anything. They sit there from Culinary Mount Olympus reigning from on high, I would just love to see them in action...Just once.

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        1. re: Ottojr

          Didn't you post this on the other page ?

        2. I sometimes wonder if the producers coach them to say or complain about something. The one man's dislike for pickles seemed over the top.

          I also wonder when the contestants are talking into the camera what talking prompt was given.

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          1. re: asketcher2

            Some shows have been scripted...I don't think that this one is. Other times contestants are asked to portray a certain character. Remember whimsical, peculiar, eccentric and bizarre behavior and drama keeps you watching.

            1. re: asketcher2

              I don't think he disliked pickles (he actually said he likes them). He said he was not "inspired" by them or something to that effect.

            2. left out the best part.
              The woman who got cut and bitched about the soul food chicken and waffles...
              ( PS I don't get chicken and waffles..but I get fried chicken..and I get waffles. So.."getting" chicken and waffles should not be such a foreign concept and tough to "replicate" The fried chicken sits next to the waffles..not like they are magically incorporated somehow.)

              Anyway..the best part was that she said "she doesn't eat chicken off the bone" hahaha.
              This is a culinary person to be taken seriously ? What are you..some sort of icky food phobic type of child ? Any cook/chef worth their salt should not be squeamish about chicken on the bone.She should have booted right then and there.

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              1. re: rochfood

                I believe she said she didn't eat chicken "on the bone".

                1. re: cmvan

                  Either way, what kind of person can call themselves a chef if they can't deal with chicken with the bone attached? Can you be taken seriously if you only work with hermetically sealed, sanitized, homogenized chicken breasts? If you're squeamish about where meat comes from?

                  Glad she's gone.

                2. re: rochfood

                  Maybe she's overly dainty, like people who won't have "peel 'n' eat" shrimp.

                  1. re: rochfood

                    It was no surprise that she left. They didn't ask her to recreate the food. She was supposed to put her own spin on the food. Chicken and waffles is one of the easier ones to fool around with. She was just awkward overall.

                    I like the team challenge in being mentored by one person but if you're in a team that does well, you get pulled along, eg. rock star guy who doesn't seem to know what to do socially or know when he's bombing. He should have been in the bottom.

                    1. re: chowser

                      good point chowser about rock star guy being lucky enough to be in the winning team, but he'll get found out in the end.

                      I'm quite liking the format but man it makes me wonder, if they got all those thousands of applicants how Bobby. Ghiada and Alton came up with their top 5. Nobody here seems to be unique enough for a TV show.

                      1. re: smartie

                        I was thinking about that. It happens a lot with team challenges I've seen it happen on Top Chef. One person could get very far if they are on a strong team but eventually it will catch up with them. I.E. Rock Star Josh.

                        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                          An observation: If Josh is a Rock Star, as tongue-tied and inept a presenter as he is, it might explain why I prefer jazz and opera to rock. :-)