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May 21, 2012 08:09 AM

Family Trip to San Fran...need recs

Our family of 8 will be heading to San Fran in June (staying near the Financial District) and need some recommendations please. We have a couple of kids with the group so will only go to one or two upscale places. Please let me know what you think of these and if you have any other places we should look into...

Upscale dinner: McCormick's and Kuleto, House of Prime Rib, Wayfare Tavern
Pizza: Pizzeria Delfina
Breakfast: Mama's at Washington Square, Dottie's True Blue, Cafe de la Presse
Italian: La Ciccia, Caesar's
Lunch in Sausalito: Kitty's Place, Le Garage, Bar Bocce

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  1. McCormick's is a national chain, so I would skip that one.

    1. Just in case you are not aware, La Ciccia and Cesar’s are complete opposites. Caesar’s is old-school red-gravy, Italian-American, while La Ciccia is more upscale contemporary Sardinian with an emphasis on high quality ingredients.

      1. House of Prime Rib is good for what it is, but that's a style of food that's not very specific to San Francisco or California.

        Caesar's is hit and miss, easy to have a mediocre to bad meal there. If you want Italian more or less in that area, L'Osteria del Forno, Ideale, or Capp's Corner.

        McCormick & Kuleto is part of a chain, but if you insist on eating at the Wharf, you could do worse.

        1. What others have said about McCormick's & Kuletos. It is far from upscale - just upscale prices for chain-quality food. But it is probably one of the best on the Wharf for tourists who like to eat there and the view is great.

          In the Financial District, I would recommend Piperade or Kokkari; both very unusual (Piperade is upscale Basque and Kokkari is upscale Greek) - great examples of upscale, ethnic cuisine with the San Francisco twist of ultra fresh ingredients and exemplary chefs.

          1. If you like seafood, consider adding Sotto Mare in North Beach to your list for an old-school SF feel with very fresh seafood. Tachich Grill also is on this category. Capps Corner is another old-style Italian-American place in North Beach.

            Dim Sum is often fun with a group. You can go up scale at Yank Sing (RIncon Center branch) or old-school Chinatown at someplace like Great Eastern.