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May 21, 2012 07:20 AM

Villa Barone in Mercer County

We decided to give Villa Barone in Robbinsville NJ (Route 130) a try again and we were pleasantly surprised that it has improved with new management. This was the most consistent local Italian restaurant in our area for many years; one we could depend on for consistently high quality meals, then our meals became very average. New management (the head chef and head waiter bought it from the original owners) has made a difference. The menu is substantially the same as before and each night there are a number of specials.

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  1. Just in case you're interested, Giovanni Barone is back in business, cooking at D'Abuscos Pisseria E Cucina, a strip mall, Brooklyn-style pizzaria in the Shop Rite shopping mall up in East Windsor on Rt. 130. His head is back in the game. They're trying out the dinner menu now, and should be doing regular dinners in 10 days or so. There's a thread on the new place, but it talks mainly about the pizza side of the business.

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      Is that the dad or the son? Owner of Santinos?