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May 21, 2012 05:42 AM

3 Days in San Francisco

We will be visiting San Francisco in July - coming from London with our 3 children, 2 teen girls and an 11 year old boy. Boy will eat anything - is very adventurous.. girls less so :(
We are keen to experience the best of the area's vibrant dining scene during the fairly brief time we have available. We want to eat "en famille" all the time with as few sulks and anguished "but there's nothing on this menu I like" cries as possible but without compromising on quality and ambiance. Therefore your recommendations would be invaluable. We arrive mid afternoon on a Saturday. Bear in mind that with time zone change it will feel like the middle of the night to us. We are staying at the St Regis and ideally would like someplace casual that first night that we could walk to and eat pretty early. Then the holy grail of dining quests - a great breakfast or brunch spot for Sunday? A classic fairly upmarket Modern American for Sunday night? A fun lunchtime spot for Monday? Maybe Fish Tacos or an idea for a take out from a deli to picnic with? We have booked The Slanted Door for dinner on Monday night before we leave. Many thanks.

PS We are going on to Napa (staying in Yountville) and I have secured a booking at FL (just for grown ups) and have booked Mustards Grill for the 5 of us for the following night? Do you Chowhounds approve or should I think of somewhere else?

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  1. It's a little tough to give detailed recommendations because you haven't included much information. For example, a restaurant appropriate for a teenager, even a picky eater, may be completely wrong for a five year old.

    For Sunday brunch recommendations, you're better off just searching the board for "brunch." Maybe someone else can do something with "upscale Modern American," but that seems fairly generic to me, and, depending on what you're looking for, could apply to dozens of restaurants in San Francisco, with a wide range of food types and atmospheres.

    The following restaurants are within a couple of blocks of the St. Regis, are all very good to excellent, have at least some food appropriate for pre-teens and teenagers, and are open at 5:00 or 5:30 on Saturday evenings:

    Anchor & Hope
    Salt House

    You can research these by searching on this board. I would recommend reservations, though it's possible that if you go early enough you might be able to walk in.

    Not clear what you would consider a fun lunchtime spot. Again, that could apply to a very large number of restaurants. One possibility close to you is the Stevenson St. branch of Yank Sing, which serves excellent dim sum. If it's a nice day, another possibility would be picking up take-out at Sentinel (no on-premises dining) and eating in the park at Yerba Buena Gardens. You could also take BART to the Mission and have tacos or burritos. Searching on either term here will give you multiple options. I personally favor La Taqueria for tacos and El Farolito for burritos, but there are a lot of differing views out there. Incidentally, you can definitely find fish tacos in San Francisco, but it's not a local specialty.

    Mustards Grill is a fun place with good food and works well for kids. They have a large vegetable and flower garden on the other side of the parking lot that is fun to walk around in. Depending on their ages, you could send the kids out there while you have a drink.

    1. Highly recommend Brenda's French Soul Food for Sunday brunch.