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May 21, 2012 05:08 AM

Too many choices..

Will be in N.O. in September and planning away already....It's hard to combine favorites with new places....
Planning lunches at Parkway, August (new), Cochon Butcher
Dinners at Emerils, Herbsaint (new), Parkway (again).
Have a few more meals to fill in....thinking of JWFins (new), Coquette (new), Praline Connection, Restaurant One....or any suggestions???

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  1. That is the trouble with dining in NOLA (the City) - too many choices.

    I suffer from this, far too often. Usually, we have some family, or business event, and that cuts into our NOLA dining time, but such is life. We try for a few "old favorites," and then to add 1 - 2 new ones to the mix. Sometimes, that works, but not always.

    Do you mean G W Fins in the FQ: ? I often recommend them, and have had nothing but lovely dining experiences, from almost their opening day.

    I am also a fan of Restaurant August, but must say that I have not gotten back in too long - maybe two sommeliers ago. Still, have always been impressed.

    Same for Parkway Bakery - some of my "old favorites" for po-boys are now gone, and they go a very long way to fill in the void.

    You have a few on your "short list," that we have not gotten to try, so I will let the locals help out there. No sense in adding what others have mentioned, if I have not dined there myself.

    Most of all, enjoy, and dine well (easy in NOLA),


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        Of your four "fill-ins", I'd put Coquette at the top. Also consider Brigsten's, Dante's Kitchen, and for a Parkway replacement, since you've been, Mahony's.