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May 21, 2012 04:26 AM

[London] - Handmade Noodles

I love Lanzhou-style noodles. I've eaten them in the US and China, but barely here. Outside of Noodle Bar on Cranbourn Street, are there any other cafes or not-fancy restaurants (I'm a student on a budget) in London (preferably central/North/East) where I can go get a bowlful of these?

Thanks lots,


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  1. On Saturdays and Sundays there is a stall in Brick Lane (under the railway bridge) run by a husband and wife team. The hand-pulled noodles are pulled when you order. Most of the broths are quite good, although I prefer the more meaty ones. Great bargain at five pounds or so.

    Dan dan mian was a bit thin for my taste. The buns etc are merely okay. I have heard that they are at Greenwich Market during the week.

    1. Canton in Chinatown just started serving Lanzhou-style handpulled noodles. They're not as even in thickness as the ones from Noodle Bar and the noodles seem slightly softer and less chewy but I think the beef slices and broth are slightly better.

      I vaguely remember Superstar on Lisle street having handpulled noodles, but that was a while ago.