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May 21, 2012 12:57 AM

Bahn mi to go?

On my upcoming visit I would like to try a Bahn Mi sandwich (never tried them before).

I will be taking a day trip out of town one day, and was thinking of buying a sandwich in the morning, which I could bring with me, and eat for lunch (probably around 4-5 hours later).

My question is: Are Bahn Mi okay to take with you and eat later? Or are they best eaten straight after they have been made?

Was thinking of buying the sandwich from 'Saigon Sandwich' on Larkin St., as I can see, that they open already around 8 AM.
Is Saigon Sandwich recomendable, and are they any particular sandwich there, that I must try?

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  1. here's a link to a recent thread that has a good discussion of the question that you are asking about the portability of banh mi:

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    1. re: zippo

      Thanks a lot zippo!
      Hadn't noticed that thread.. That tread had all the answers I was looking for !

    2. I regularly visit Saigon Sandwich on my way to SFO or OAK and buy Bahm Mi to eat on the plane. Makes the other passengers very jealous. I always get one roast pork and one "special combination", both extra spicy.

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      1. re: otis

        And the sandwich is still ok? How long is the time from when you get them and until you eat them?

        I could see in the thread listed by zippo above, that another person also have saved a sandwich from Saigon Sandwich until later, and it was still good.

        I think I will give it a try and buy some to take with me.. Are they heated up when you get them?

      2. I would say take a bite right when you get it and then save the rest for later. . .if you can! For me the joy of the banh mi is in the contrasts: the warm toasty baguette with juicy meat and cool crisp pickles. It's at its very best in the first 5 mins out of the toaster oven.

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        1. re: rubadubgdub

          expanding on that, if you haven't had Banh Mi before, get two different ones. eat 1/2 of each for breakfast and save the other 1/2's for lunch.

          as rubadub says, you get the freshly toasted, crunchy baguette and then you have a solid comparison on how it travelled at lunch.

          they should be fine later, but definitely should taste some freshly made.