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May 20, 2012 10:54 PM

Just moved to Sacramento area from Iowa - Suggestions?

Hey all - This is going to sound more like a Craigslist personals post, but I just moved to Roseville from Iowa and am hoping to discover new friends and fun, new places. Like all Chowhounds, I'm interested in the best happy hours, wine bars, restaurants, and espresso. Suggestions?

Also, if you'd like to meet up to discuss local food and wine in Sac/Roseville area, send me an e-mail:

I did discover Bloom Coffee and Tea, and as of now, it is my favorite coffee shop in town. They make a pretty good espresso and macchiato. And Mikuni makes an amazing sushi roll. But I'm hoping to discover more.

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  1. The Squeeze Inn (heard its not as good as th original in Sac, but still super tastey)
    Parker's Hot Dogs (it was on Man Vs Food)
    Daphne's (Greek food, chain, love it!)
    Gordon Biersch (Dan Gordon invented garlic fries)
    Jacks Urban eats (good salad)
    Dos Cyotes
    Beach Hut Deli in granite bay soooo good

    1. Roseville area:
      Mexican Carmelitas on Riverside
      French la Provence , out by HP
      Coffee Shop: Brookfields
      TACOS: Jimboys at the Denios auction. Also good produce there too...
      Crush 22 is great.
      In granite Bay is Hawks... and Dominick's Deli (Great pizza)

      For Happy hour Folsom is the place. Samuel Hornes tavern. 22 rotating taps, best ten dollar food in Sacramento area.

      Also the Sutter Street Steakhouse has amazing happy hour food.

      1. In Rocklin: The Golden Dragon is the best Chinese in the area.

        Granite Rock grill has the best breakfasts in the Sacramento area. Pacific Street and Rocklin Road

        The High Hand Nursery in Loomis is pretty incredible. Great room, great pizzas, deli, just one of the best places in the entire Sacramento area to hang, eat, visit....

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          Thanks for all these suggestions, Bennyboy1. I had heard about High Hand as soon as I arrived in town, and will definitely be checking out that one. Hawks was also recommended, which now makes this a must try as well. And I'm up for motoring around to try all these different spots, so appreciate the wide geography. Is Denios where Roseville has the farmers market?

            1. re: EatUrCity

              Actually Jimboys is not really inside the Denio's Auction but across the street on the corner so you gotta leave Denio's. Some dispute year ago prompted them to leave after about 40 years inside.

              The tacos at the Auction are way better than the Jimboys tacos outlets around town. They only cook toacos at the auction where at the other outlets they cook a full line of mexican foods and the taste is just different.

          1. Drive up 80. Look for pie. Report back.

            1. Old town Folsom has a number of wine bars too BTW...... Old Town Folsom rocks really. Especially becoming way more chow oriented with Bistro La Petite moving from Granite Bay to oFolsom. Samule Hornes tavern has 22 rotating micro brews (a beer geeks paradise) lots of rare bottles and the best 10 dollar food in the Sacramento area (Jacks Urban Eats and Rubicon Brewery are close). Chicago fire Pizza is raved on by most (not by me however) and Pizzeria Classico is pretty great. Some good coffee places on the street too. Even the Hotel which ahs for decdes, had trouble keeping the kitchen open is offering pretty quality food now. The hacienda Del Rio is great bar for margaritas and happy hours but is too much non authentic for my tastes when it comes to food.

              Lakeside Liquors (Douglas and Auburn Folsom Road) is a great wine and beer store. Very knowledgeable, tastings and great selection of wines and microbrews.

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              1. re: bennyboy1

                My brother was recently doing electrical work in downtown Folsom, renovating that main street median / plaza area as part of the town's revitalization. And he was amazed at the variety of good food, fine wine places in Folsom. Loved it up there. So it looks like I will definitely be checking this place out. Plus, I'd like to check out the new renovations.

                1. re: EatUrCity

                  I'm at Sam Hornes tavern on Wed for Trivia every Wed.... Great happy hour, half price beers and food discounts.

                  1. re: bennyboy1

                    Sounds fun. I'm going to be out of town the next couple of weeks, but maybe some Wednesday I'll head up there, and check it out. I suck at trivia, tho ;)