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Oct 17, 2003 12:02 AM

Looking for Zambeedo ice cream!

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i tried this ice cream in coachella valley called Zambeedo....they had this one flavor called Creme de Menthe that was unbelievable....looked at a few stores in and around San Marcos......could not find Zambeedo any where...does anyone know where i can get some....

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  1. I just bought a pint at Bristol Farms...the Mango....fantastic ice cream. Going to try more.probably the creme de menthe.

    oops...thought this was general chow topics.....yikes...i'll repost.

    1. Well, unfortunately, this isn't close to San Marcos but Windmill Farms in Del Cerro has 3 or 4 varieities all the time.

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        interestingly enough, the Albertsons in San Marcos has it. I saw someone doing a demo there last week. didn't try it, but now that u mention it, I will

      2. I've seen it in my local (Poway) Henry's Market. I forget what flavors they had, but I recognized the carton. I've bought it before when they had sale events at Costco. My favorites are the coffee, rose, and butter pecan.

        1. You get it at Major Market in Escondido and Jonathans in La Jolla.

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            I bought the vanilla (w/a fancier name) at Major a few years ago and was unimpressed, considering the hefty price tag. Are the other flavors really worth the price? I do love mint . . .

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              I haven't found any ice cream anywhere which is better than my homemade but I think Zambeedo is pretty good for ice cream from a store.

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                I don't really like their "normal" flavors (vanilla, mint chip, chocolate) but I like that they have some other flavors you don't usually see. Like mango and rose (which is more of a sorbet). For some reason, their coffee is much better than others I've tried.

                1. re: leanneabe

                  I just got the butter pecan at Whole Foods (Los Gatos - Bay Area). Amazingly good.

                  1. re: 2m8ohed

                    I just got was REALLY good....its on sale at Bristol Farms...2 for 7 bucks