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May 20, 2012 10:21 PM

Seeking Best Espresso in Chicago

My husband and I are traveling g to Chicago this week, and would like to know where the best places are for good espresso. We'll be staying in in Evanston. I've read some about the Brothers K coffee shop, and Coffee Lab. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

Thanks, Toni

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  1. Intelligentsia. Not only the best in Chicagoland, but some say the best in the US period! The founders got their start in San Francisco. They even hold espresso classes. Good stuff.

    1. The Wicker Park neighborhood has the best espresso in Chicago.
      Wormhole Cafe on Milwaukee Ave., is very good.
      To the southwest of Wormhole is Caffe Streets, which may be even better.

      1. I'd recommend City Provisions in the Ravenswood neighborhood. It's a gourmet deli/grocer and not a coffee shop per se, but they have a coffee bar and the espresso I've had there has been very good. They definitely know what they're doing. They use Dark Matter beans which are roasted locally. It's just a couple blocks away from the Ravenswood stop on the Union Pacific North Metra line, which has three stops in Evanston.

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          Thanks to for your suggestions. I'll let you know how it goes.

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            So, what did you discover? Being from the Midwest, I'm always curious what others find of the different gastronomic offerings...