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May 20, 2012 08:16 PM

Good food from Gaylord Convention Center area

Looking for good restaurants. I have a car, but don't want to spend all my time in it. We eat anything. Price / elegance unimportant. Thinking about Hanks and Tasca based on other boards. Too late for minibar. Suggestions? Any restaurants at/near convention center worth the time? Any and all help greatly appreciated.

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  1. A good bet for you is Old Town Alexandria, 10 mins away from the Gaylord - Lots of options there: Restaurant Eve, Vermillion - Below is one topic but there are many others when you search "old Town"

    Also, there is a water Taxi that goes between the Gaylord and Old town, it's a fun way to go and not worry about parking, etc.

    1. Pretty much everything at National Harbor is geared towards the expense account demographic, so they don't really care they're blowing $22 on a plate of fried rice. Crossing the bridge into Old Town is your best bet: Eve, Brabo, Vermillion.