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May 20, 2012 07:35 PM

Best cafe mocha in Boston area?

Where can I find the best cafe mocha in the Boston/Cambridge area? Thanks!

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  1. Is a cafe mocha the same as a mocha latte? If so, I can vouch for the ones at both Diesel and Pavement. They taste exactly the same to me at both places, and are the best I've had. Andala also makes good ones.

    I'd skip the ones at Crema. I've only had one there, but it was practically tasteless. (Although their brownies are fantastic.) I'd also skip L'Aroma. Theirs was wonderfully creamy, but too much like hot chocolate and lacking espresso power. (And their brownies are not fantastic.)

    On my list to try due to praise on this board: Thinking Cup, Voltage and Dwelltime.

    1. My favorites are RJ Gourmet and Area Four. RJ Gourmet gets the nod though because the Mexican Mocha is excellent.

      1. I'm partially to Toscanini's. They aren't very sweet, which I like.

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          I had a really nice cafe mocha this weekend at Thinking Cup in downtown boston (165 Tremont Street). Well presented and not overly sweet.