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May 20, 2012 05:26 PM

Eating at PF Changs with a nut/peanut allergy

i've heard PF Chang's is great for people with gluten issues. i know it's a risk, well, heck it's a risk every time we eat out, but was wondering if anyone has had experience eating at PF Chang's with a food allergy?

I'm craving Chinese food and this certainly isn't it but it's close and i would like to eat chinese food out with my child. sadly, i live in the San Gabriel Valley in the Los Angeles area which is the home to probably 10 different types of Chinese food or something crazy like that. But you have to work with the cards we are dealt with so here we are.

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  1. PF Chang's is one of the few chains that really goes the distance to accommodate GF and allergic diners. they use soybean oil (no peanut oil), store their peanuts in separate, sealed containers, and add them last to any dishes that contain them. and their ordering system includes bold red type on the tickets for any allergy notifications. Allergic Girl did a write-up on her blog a couple of years ago about her experience there, and it was on par with pretty much everything else i've read & heard about PF Chang's:

    stop by and chat with the manager at your local outpost to discuss your concerns. that way you can decide if you'd feel comfortable trusting them to provide you with a safe meal before heading there with the family.