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May 20, 2012 05:23 PM

Where to eat in Richmond

So I'm looking for a great place to eat near the airport. We have already eaten at the Fairmont Airport so want something else. If its Chinese food, has to be really safe as I don't want to be sick on our flight the next morning!

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  1. if you're hesitant about Asian - which is what you'll commonly find out near the airport ,,, then get on the Canada Line (transit train) and go downtown


    lots of choices there.


    if you want seafood -- North American style (plus the usual farm meats) -- one of the Boathouse (a higher-priced chain) is near YVR

    if you feel most comfortable with hotel food, Delta Hotels (there is one near YVR) does a decent job - and i think in one of the restaurants, you might have a view of the boats on the river.

    or if you need some entertainment, you might want to check out the nearby River Rock Hotel Casino (Bridgeport Station on Canada line - you won't even get wet in today's rain) ... if you're feeling that you need to have a certain type of food - i would not personally go there for the food alone. It's typical fare -- here's the link

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      Thank you. We need to stay close to the airport so I may check out Pier73.