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May 20, 2012 05:18 PM

Bi Bim Bap in North York?

There are many Korean restaurants on Yonge Street between Sheppard and Finch - does anyone have a recommendation for one that does a good Bi Bim Bap? Thanks!

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  1. Whenever I'm in the area, I go to the following restaurants. All of them have been vetted out by my Korean friends first. I'll admit some of them are lacking in the decor or pretty flourishes on the plate but all of them are tasty and affordable.

    Joons Korean Cuisine at Yonge and Sheppard - It's well known for their table top cooking but has great bim bim bap as well. I've always enjoyed it. Great tasting food but I'll admit the service can be a bit cold or indifferent (especially if you don't speak Korean). Decent ban chan. If you're English speaking, they may not provide the ban chan immediately and you'll have to ask for it.

    Nea Go Hyang Korean Restaurant at Yonge and Finch - Solid good food at good prices. It opens pretty late so it can be pretty busy late at night when the karoke crowd gets out :) I find the service can be really slow if it is busy. During the lunch time, it's pretty fast. Don't order the teriyaki though. When it comes to pan frying/grilling meats, they tend to overdue it and it's dry.

    There are a few other good Korean restaurants in the area but I've never had the bim bim bap there so I can't say if they're good or not.

    1. Hey Famke,
      I've seen much debate on this, but we love Korean-owned Kaori up at Yonge & High Tech Blvd. and the bonus is that they also serve great sushi, kalbi, etc. and personally I love their house-made hot sauce that accompanies the bi bim bap. :-)
      ...and make sure you ask for "dolsot" bi bim bap, if you want the crispy-bottomed stone bowl version.

      1. A bit more north than the area you requested, but try the dolsot bibimbap at Song Cook's (72 Steeles Ave West - closest major intersection is Yonge and Steeles). They use purple rice and all the ingredients are prepared to perfection. Make sure you let it sit for a little bit so the bottom gets crispier. Or you can try asking for it to be extra crispy - sometimes they are inconsistent and it's soggier than it should be. The textural contrast is one of the biggest draws to this dish and also one of the most inconsistent things when ordering it even at the best of places. And remember to use lots of hot sauce.