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May 20, 2012 04:14 PM

Ottawa Recs

Hi all,

Coming from OC to Ottawa for a conference in a few weeks, and looking for restaurant recs. I've generally had good experiences with gastropubs and other nice restaurants that serve creative dishes or well prepared offal. Generally I'm open to anything with exceptional food, but I'd prefer to keep dinner costs $75 or less with a glass or two of wine.

I'll be meeting with people from the conference a lot of the time, so suggestions on places that can accomodate groups would be welcome, though i may have a night or two with just myself and a friend.

Thanks in advance, and happy eating!!

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  1. Hi BekahR,

    Are you going to be in the convention center downtown? The one attached to the Westin?

    If so likely you guys will not have a car so will recommend more towards the Byward market

    * Play - York Street casual tapas style, from same owner of the more expensive Beckta
    * Domus Cafe on Murray - some very good local area food source creations nice dining room
    * Murray Street Restaurant - focus on charcuteries and meat
    * Benny's Bistro (back of the French Bakery) and only open for lunch on Murray
    * Lyon 222 - on Lyon Spanish style tapas

    Needs a cab
    * Wellington Gastro Pub - on Wellington - if you like gastro pubs you will like this one
    * Petit Bill's Bistro - on Wellington

    1. Second Murray Street - good charcuterie and wine, but tight space for big group.
      Chez Lucien 137 Murray St at DalHousie, (613) 241-3533 - casual pub, good food.
      The Black Tomato 11 George St at Sussex, (613) 789-8123 - spacious restaurant, good food.
      You gotta try Shawarma Palace 464 Rideau Street at Chapel, dumpy little joint with awesome Lebanese food, not to be missed on your solo night.

      Wellington is meh - at best, but many still seem to like it.

      1. Actually just checked and Le Cordon Bleu's Signature restaurant has a Wed night special of $99 per couple (equivalent to $50pp) for 4 course menu with a bottle of wine between 2 people.

        Thurs-Sat they have a more normal $59 4 course menu or $80 with wine pairings but that ends end of May I think.

        You can look at dinner menu options on that website.

        We did an alumni dinner there last year and food was very good.

        1. Hi gang,

          Thanks so much for the recs. They really helped. Conference was chaotic so I didn't get to try as many as I'd like (colleagues like dives) but there were several that I hit up.

          Went to The Black Tomato, Social, Play, and Brothers. Black tomato I had duck in plum sauce, and a Canadian dry Riesling that was fairly nice. Social had a beautiful little seared albacore in a bright citrus sauce with cabbage and microgreens that was absolutely lovely.

          But the real win was Play. They had a perfectly done carrot salad with cucumbers, ricotta, fenel seeds, mint, and soft lemon. The carrots had been cooked just enough so that the texture matched the cukes and there was a nice honey that I would guess had been mixed with vanilla, but the flavor was fairly subtle so I'm not sure. They also had a seared fish, perfectly cooked so that the center was just barely set with Oyster mushrooms and Asian flavors. Highly recommend that one, and thanks for the suggestion.

          Photos on twitter under foodieBekah if anyone is interested, though camera ate half my food photos. Thanks to everyone for the advice, and happy chow-ing.