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Airline Meals

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We are going to Hawaii in a few days. United says meals are for purchase. Last year we flew Hawaiian Airlines and they fed us.
Where3 can I find the regulations that cover this? I tried FAA and DOT with no ,uck

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  1. I don't think there are regulation on food on planes (except food safety).

    1. There is no requirement/regulation to provide meals unless the plan is stuck on the tarmac/delayed for a certain amount of time (I think two hours). If it was a requirement, Southwest wouldn't be known for the rock bottom fares, since they never have provided meals or sandwiches for these many decades.

      This link shows what each airline does provide. http://www.independenttraveler.com/tr....

      1. If you're flying from the continental US, it's a domestic flight, and those don't generally feed you for free unless you're flying business class. I'm pretty sure they don't have to - I've flown from Toronto to LA (five hour international flight) with no free meal.

        1. Thy aren't required to feed you. You can bring your own food, or purchase theirs... It's your call.

          1. Make sure you take your own food - not smelly please!!! If they say they have food for sale it means they have "some" and will often run out. It is usually junk anyway.

            1. my husband flies around the country for work, often :(

              we both fly a lot for vacations and it's totally changed over the last few years.

              he flies whoever can take him the next day so his work sets that up for him. it's often a new to him carrier from the last one. we go on our treks on various airlines because we shop prices online.

              the food you can purchase is stuff we'd not necessarily want so I always pack lunch or a meal.

              sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, nuts, snacks and bring empty water bottles through security then fill them up at the water fountains. get the soda on the flight. we're huge water drinkers so it's not unusual for us to have Fiji or Propel bottles that are empty.

              oh and LindaVH is right about the stink factor. tuna smells and lingers so no tuna please, bananas are the same and can offend a person sitting close. although we love tuna and hubby's favorite fruit is banana, they don't accompany us on flights. turkey, chicken, roast beef, veggie with cheese, or peanut butter and honey or jelly is good. cut up apples and pears or a couple handfuls of grapes, good choices.

              I'm a bulk candy lover and my husband knows that so when we fly across country, we buy a variety at the market in paper stand up bags then carry that on the plane to munch on plus the people working the plane are offered it as well, which usually bring forth smiles.

              1. A bit off topic but just wanted to comment. I flew from Bermuda to Gatwick last December and was pleasantly surprised at the meal offered in World Traveler Plus. It consisted of Turkey, Ham, Cassava Pie, Stuffing, Carrots, Brussel Sprouts, Cranberry Sauce and a side Smoked Salmon Salad and Mince Tart for dessert. I was pleasantly surprised at this fare. I cannot imagine what Club or First Class had to offer.

                Basically airlines are just there for transportation and Flight Attendants for Safety.