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May 20, 2012 03:22 PM

Is There Any Decent Food in Livingston Now? Any?

Use to live there, was nothing to eat in town. Nothing. Except a little Italian sandwich place on route 10 near the post office.

May be revisiting the area soon-

Has anything changed?

Not looking for chain restaurants, etc. Just good, not too expensive eats. Ethnic is a plus


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  1. Coco Bella on S. liv. ave. is an above average Italian restaurant. Sweet Basil's is not open yet on same street. We like Zen on the circle. There is a new Greek resto on. Eisenhower that is good.

    I grew up in this town. Slim pickings. It's not Montclair!

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    1. re: scarlet knight

      SK--is Sweet Basil's moving from W. Orange or opening another location?

      1. re: Curlz

        Sweet Basil is moving out of WO to Livingston in the vertical mall across from Shop-Rite. However, there was a fire in their new place and the construction seems to be in slow motion. They still serve lunch and brunch in West Orange, but double check it.

        I forgot about Panevino since it is on the East Hanover border. It is pretty good.

    2. Livingston dining is a vast wasteland. Try Millburn or the Caldwells. You'll be surprised

      1. Panevino makes pretty good Neapolitan style pizza.

        1. The Top 5 Restaurants in Livingston NJ
          1) The Strip House
          2) Eppes Essen
          3) Neros's
          4) The Landmark
          5) Lithos

            1. re: tommy

              Don't like Stretch. Bad atmosphere, overpriced, once had a shard of a can in my take out.

              Lithos is the Greek place I was thinking of on Eisenhower. It is good.

              1. re: scarlet knight

                Thanks everyone - yes I remember it having nothing!! Millburn is eh - I do like Montclair for food...
                Oh well...
                Lithos is good? I ate at the Italian place is use to be - can't remember the name.
                Zen is awful!! Imo...

                1. re: lovessushi

                  Whose sushi do you like? We did go to Nori in Caldwell, but lately, we had success at Zen.

                  1. re: scarlet knight

                    Well we haven't lived there for some time - when we were there we use to go to Morristown for sushi...there was a little tiny place upstairs just off the square. I can't remember the name but the sushi was wonderful. Now we go to Masa in Allendale. The best sushi. The best!
                    I doubt we'll try Zen again after the two awful experiences we had there, but I'm hoping to try some places in Montclair...thanks though...

                    1. re: lovessushi

                      Nagano is the restaurant you went to in Morristown. There are about 4 new sushi restaurants in Morristown.

                      1. re: scarlet knight

                        Yes, that's it!
                        Any recs for the new ones in Morristown? Or old ones we haven't tried?