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May 20, 2012 03:18 PM

How long can I keep my smoothie in a frig?

I started making fruit/yogurt smoothie a month ago. I usually put fresh fruit/veggie + frozen fruit + yogurt in my smoohie. I make 24 ~ 30 oz in the morning, drink about 12 oz and keep the rest in the frig. I try to finish the rest in before nightime, ie within 10 hr. My friend told me that I should not keep any smoothie or blended drink in a frig for such a long time. If I cannot finish it immediately after I make it, I should try to finish it asap, say within 4 hr.

How long can I keep my smoohie is a frig? Will the nutrition including the good bacteria from the yogurt be affected if I keep the smoothie in the frig for several hr? Thanks.

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  1. Hmm. I'm not a smoothie fan myself, but applying logic to the situation: yogurt keeps for weeks refrigerated. Fruit, depending on what it is, keeps for a few days at least when refrigerated. Granted, pureed fruit may not keep as long as whole, but I really don't see how pureeing and blending the two somehow reduces their longevity to as little as four hours. I think your friend is being paranoid here.

    1. As far as food safety is concerned its completely fine to leave it in there all day.

      I think maybe your friend was referring to it melting and separating in the fridge which would just lead to a texture issue for some poeple.

      1. A couple of hours and you're completely fine. Even a day or two and you're good to go with no problems. Texture might suffer, and sure you might have some loss in vitamins and minerals, but it's completely safe to eat.