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May 20, 2012 02:59 PM

Pairing Passion Fruit Sorbet


I have made a passion fruit sorbet for an upcoming dinner party. I'm trying to keep the dessert relatively light and somewhat healthy. But now that I've tasted it (I had no clue what passion fruit even tasted like before today), it's very,very sour.If I didn't know any better I might think it was grapefruit. So I'd like to pair it with something else to help cut the sourness. Maybe a small square/baking, a contrasting fruit syrup or a dessert wine. Most of my internet searches have come up with passion fruit/raspberry, passion fruit/lychee, or passion fruit/campari, which just seems like sour on sour to me.

Any creative thoughts out there in Chowland would be appreciate. Please remember that I'll ready made the sorbet so I don't plan to make it again.


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  1. You could make a rich vanilla ice cream and serve a scoop of each together. I've done that with raspberry sorbet, and the sweet/creamy with the tart/icy is a nice combination.
    Maybe serve it with a light thin cookie.

    1. You could swirl it into ice cream as a variation on the suggestion below. And either pirouette cookies or a rich butter shortbread cookie or a lace cookie.

      1. Turn it into a spritzer. Get a very sweet moscato d'asti, put a small scoop of your sorbet in a flute, and top off with asti. If you want to emphasize that it's a dessert top with a dollop of whipped cream and stick a lady finger in it!

        1. Strawberry puree as a sauce topping.

          1. you can "unmake" the sorbet, and remake it sweeter with much more sugar. i'd personally reduce the sorbet once thawed, then make ice cream, but that's me.