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May 20, 2012 02:34 PM

Grocery Store Soup - Who Has the Best?

I will be laid up for a few days after knee surgery and want to stock the fridge with an assortment of soup for quick-to-reheat meals. I have an aversion to canned soup, so I'm seeking recommendations for either fresh soup from the deli counter or frozen brands.

In the past I've enjoyed the cioppino from Ballard Market, a blended squash soup from Whole Foods, and a nice tomato basil from Metropolitan Market. I'd like to make one stop to select an assortment to stock up. Are there any grocery stores (or frozen cases) that offer a nice variety of soups that my fellow hounds recommend?

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  1. Single stops, unfortunately, but Fresh Fish has a good Cioppino, as does Jack's @ Pike Place. FF has crab-cakes, too: a few minutes in a pan and eat. George's Deli, on Madison has a rotation of soups, including a mushroom soup I like.

    1. I like "Got Soup". He sells frozen quarts at many of the farmers markets. They will deliver a certain quantity to your house.
      He has about 20 different kinds in inventory.
      I've enjoyed the following:
      * Caramelized Onion and Apple Braised Cabbage-Vegan $11
      * Coconut Curry with Chicken and Brown Rice $12
      * Corn and Shitake-Vegan $11
      * Moroccan Lentil-Vegan $11
      * Red Curry Squash and Basil-Vegan $11
      * Smoked Tomato Bisque-Vegan $11
      * Wild Mushroom-Vegan $11

      1. I tend to prefer Met Market's soups—there are always four or so I like—to the Got Soup guy. His are pretty expensive and he and I seem to have incompatible palates; I just never really like his stuff though I can tell he uses quality ingredients.

        1. Thanks for the ideas. I'll try them all!

          1. Marketime Foods in Fremont has really good soup. Daily soups are posted on their web site.