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May 20, 2012 02:14 PM

Good size for fillet knife for fish?

I'm pretty new to eating seafood and so far have been buying fish that has already been deboned and filleted at the store. Now I'm looking for a fillet knife to try to do more of it on my own. I see plenty on Amazon that seem to be a good price and have good reviews, but I'm having trouble choosing, mainly because I'm not sure about size.

I guess I'm looking for something that will be the most universally useful, since right now I'm not sure what particular fish we may use it for since it's still so new to us and we've only tried a few kinds. We may also use it for fish we may catch in the future. Does anyone have any recommendations on size? Or does it even really make a difference what size it is?

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  1. A 7-8" knife will do very well for most fish that I think the typical consumer might buy.

    Like so >

    I have this particular knife and find it handy for other uses as well. If you anticipate breaking down 25 + pound fish you might need something a little heavier.

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    1. Have you looked at knives at tackle shops? There are even folding ones that can be kept in the tackle box.

      1. I have an 8 works well.

        1. I have this 6-inch stiff boning knife:

          It works fine, but I don't know anything extraordinary about it. I have a limited fish deboning experience compared to than others, so my opinion here does not have the same weight as others.

          What I do want to add is that one thing to keep in mind besides the size/length is the flexibility. Some fillet knife is very stiff, and some is very flexible. Of course, another thing to consider is the curvature. Some have curved blades, while others have straight blades.

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            Do you know if I'd do better with a stiff or flexible one, or does it just depend?

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              A bit of a personal choice. Some people do like a flexible filet knife especially for removing fish skin. If you are not entirely sure, then go with a stiff boning for the first time. It is more universal.

          2. When I come across a kitchen toy which I perceive as better than something I already have I tend to just go ahead and buy it. Wasteful, stupid and sometimes expensive, but I can't help it. Thus I have four filleting knives. Three (Sabatier, Victorinox and unknown) are in a plasic storage container in my garage, along with about 30 other knives. This 8 inch one is in my kitchen:


            It's excellent, and definitely, definitely my last one...........

            I tell my wife that this mild OCD is cheaper than playing golf, and keeps us well fed, but I don't think she's convinced!

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              <this mild OCD is cheaper than playing golf ... but I don't think she's convinced>

              I am not convinced neither. :)

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                You know, you could probably sell those knives as antics and buy yourself some J-knives...

                I know where you can get some good stuff, man.