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Good quality ice cream to take home?

Hey Kids!
Any suggestions as to where I can buy litres or gallons or cartons of really great ice cream to take home?

Now that I've sold my Minden cottage, I can't bring home my Kawartha Dairy faves like Pralines & Cream, Caramel Snappers, Moose Tracks, and Butter Tart, etc.

SO, any suggestions??

I'd prefer someplace North York, Scarborough, Markham, etc. with parking and without high artisan prices and long line-ups, but I'm open to any and all ideas.


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  1. i know costco carries some kwartha dairy ice cream, but try googling kwartha dairy icecream toronto, and you get a list of retailers that sell it, hope this helps abit

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      I see Kawartha ice cream all the time at Bruno's and Loblaws, and sometimes at Sobey's.

    2. Go to the Gelato Fresco office and you can buy "factory direct". 60 Tycos.

      1. I see Kawartha Dairy Moose Tracks all the time at Costco Heartland. Never bought it because the ingredient list didn't sound good at all, lots of HFCS and additives if I recall

        1. I buy kawartha at costco all the time. They have vanilla and moose tracks.

          1. Thanks gang. :-)

            I have managed to grab the occasional moose tracks, but none of my other favorite flavours, and I'm hoping to broaden out and find some new brands that are a step up in quality, freshness and/or variety from PC and Breyer's Double-Churn.

            I've really enjoyed Greg's ice cream on occasion, especially the roasted marshmallow and fresh banana, but I'm looking for other quality brands, or local shops that make their own and/or carry a broad range of interesting flavours.

            Any suggestions?

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              You could give Tropical Treets on Bermondsey a try. I really like the coconut ice cream.

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                Just wondering if you have tried the PC loads of pecan butter tart. It's quite good.

              2. I think there are some 'cross-purpose' misunderstandings here.
                Most of the discussions recently have been on gelato (and similar products) which tend to be 'purer' (or single) flavours rather than 'dessert products' which tend to contain pieces/chunks/candies etc. They are really two different groups.

                Your examples of what you like are mostly these desserts - but I speculate that many posters here are mostly fans of gelato.

                if you want the 'chunky bits' , they're available in many (most?) supermarkets - and I'm not sure it matters too much what the ice cream brand is - my taste tests on Kawartha Vanilla a few years back were unable to distinguish it from most supermarket brands (actually it didn't even have any vanilla aromatics). As such, if you want pralines/caramel/butter tart etc - I'm not sure there's a significant difference in most brands. Personally I can detect a difference in the texture of Haagen Dazs - but not the flavours particularly.

                When it comes to flavours - there are huge differences between Brands. But what you'll like is, of course, personal.
                Of the supermarket Brands - Haagen Dazs is consistently good across its line - I ascribe that to superior ingredients (in the mass-market category). But for pure flavours I patronize (some of) the various smaller places - but they are extremely variable - some are just badly made.

                Gelato Fresco (available in some supermarkets) is the one I buy most (to take home) - they have several chocolate lines that have a great texture (in terms of cost, the Devil's Chocolate is the best deal) - and texture is very important for me. Pear sorbet is probably my favourite flavour (when I can find it).

                I have a couple of 'quirky favourites' - Belly Apple Crumble is possibly the only 'dessert-style' (Belly is the company) flavour I crave. Greg's Marshmallow Ice Cream has an extra 'burned' quality that sets it apart - yet I don't 'get' pistachio - which is the flavour that probably gets the most coverage on this site.
                Sorry - can't help with availability of any of these in your area. But the Haagen Dazs seems to be on sale at about 40% off in rotating sales through the m,ajor supermarkets (often weekends only).

                And please check for milk/cream or similar ingredients - many (most?) products you'll find have 'milk powder' or 'milk products' or similar confusing ingredients - they're NOT ice cream (whether you like them or not).

                I now mostly make my own.

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                  Haagen-Dazs has great "mouth-feel" - very smooth and dense, no ice crystals or air spaces. They must churn it well when it is made. I find the flavours themselves only so-so - I prefer Ben & Jerry's in this category for flavours and stuff in the ice cream.

                  In terms of supermarket brands, the President's Choice Kulfi Karma is pretty decent. It is not actually kulfi but more a kulfi-inspired ice cream - nice cardamom flavour coming through.


                2. Try Ed's Real scoop, not quite the area you were searching in. Beaches or Leslieville locations but so worth it. They have ice cream & gelato and both are amazing. So worth the drive downtown. Love the spicy chocolate gelato and their seasonal pumpkin is to die for.


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                    I second Eds. I think the only size (larger then individual) they have though is Pints...but either way... worth the trip. Some of the best flavors I have ever seen and tasted

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                      Another vote for Eds. Amazing ice cream!

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                        Plus another for Ed's. Guiness icecream is great, even better is the Mango Gelato.

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                      The original Ed's is in the Beaches on Queen St. E. about a block west of the Fox Theatre on the north side so not in the heart of the Beaches. This is the one closest to Scarborough. The Leslieville location would of course be further away. I usually have no problems finding street parking near the Beaches location and further east (about 2 - 3 blocks) is the excellent Life Is Sweet cupcake shop.

                      1. Is there any place in Mississauga to get Greg's roasted marshmallow? I've only had burnt marshmallow from Hollywood Gelato years ago but someone says Greg's is way way better

                        Thanks in advance

                        1. Try St Clair ice cream, (which may have changed names), at Dawes and Danforth. They sell large containers for take-out as they manufacture right there. It's probably my favourite place to grab a cone, as they give huge servings, have lots of interesting flavours, and a real-slice-of-life clientele. My favourite is one scoop ginger and one scoop coconut.

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                            That sounds like my kind of cone. I'm definitely heading there sometime this summer.

                          2. You can most Kawartha flavours at McEwans. It's $8.99 for the 1.5L tub

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                              Even Shoppers Drug Mart carries Kawartha these days.