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May 20, 2012 01:22 PM

Eden Prairie - Edina Update

I have reviewed the board and been to EP many times, but based on some resto closings and the need for an update, I could really use some help.

Any new EP restos that are chow worthy? What about Edina, which is not far away and where I will actually have plenty of meetings all week?

I noticed there is a new Whole Foods in Edina, is it solid, with all the good trappings of the newer whole foods, i.e. good sushi, large salad bar and hot food bar, in house smoking and grill, and so on?

Is there anything else somewhat close to these suburbs that is chow worthy, I can drive just about anywhere, but don't have the 25-30 minutes to hit the downtown MSP areas? Thanks for the help.

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  1. Not too far over the border in Minneapolis (54th and Penn) is Cafe Maude. I had a fantastic brunch there a month or so ago. I gather you will be alone? It seemed like the type of place that is friendly to the solo diner. I just checked out the dinner menu and there is a nice variety of small plates and entrees. I need to go back soon!

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      Also across the street from Cafe Maude is In Season. Very good and a quick 8 blocks up from the Penn Avenue exit off Highway 62.

    2. I don't know the general consensus, but I just had a very good dinner at Barrio on 50th/France. Between the 6 of us, we had quite a few plates and enjoyed them all.

      1. The Edina Whole Foods has all the takeout food options - pizza oven, made to order sandwiches, the big hot food bar, the big salad bar, sushi. I have not eaten any of it because I wasn't willing to wait in the checkout lines. They were crazy long at lunch time about a month ago when I stopped to check out the store.

        My favorite chow worthy restaurant in EP is Mama Aurelias. Mexican, in the same shopping strip as the now defunct Prairie Ale House. It has been mentioned here before.

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          Lines have gone down at the Edina Whole Foods. I was there at 11 am today and it was manageable. Picked up tonight's dinner and lunch from the salad bar. Oh, and fancy cheese for the upcoming long weekend.

        2. In EP, you have a Punch Pizza, a tired but not horrible Campiello's and ...
          SW Edina borders EP. NE Edina, where the good stuff is, is about an 8 mile drive from SW Edina. If you're going to NE Edina, you might as well go on over to 50th and Penn and then you've got both Broder's for really tasty italian.

          1. Check out Pizzaria LOLA at ~54th and Xerxes. Some really good and unique New Haven style pizzas out of a big Copper oven. The only decent pizza I've had in the twin cities (most of it is junk...Punch pizza=barf for one example).

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              Tempting as it looked really good on triple D. So far, I am thankful for the tips, but doesn't seem to be anything new.