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May 20, 2012 12:14 PM

Leftover red snapper ideas?

Must be the weekend for seafood leftovers.

I've got about 2# of leftover roasted (w/ fennel and lemon) red snapper I don't have any ideas for.

It's beautiful meat, but what's throwing me a bit its nearly gelatinous nature. Picking the last meat off the frames last night was the piscine equivalent of boning cooked oxtails.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Fish cakes/croquettes.

    1. Are you picking it cold? Because allowing the fish to come to room temperature should eradicate the gelatin problem. (But there's a LOT of flavor in that gelatin, so don't discount or discard it.)

      As far as what to do with all that fabulous leftover fish? As "kengk" said, "fish cakes" is one idea. Another idea is to toss it with pasta; perhaps with a few chopped tomatoes (or a can of diced). Or add some mayo & seasoning & make a wonderful cold fish salad to top some mixed greens.

      Frankly, I always love having leftover fish - there are so many more meals it can make.

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        you covered all of the things i would have suggested, save for tacos.

      2. Reserve the bones and make stock, then make fish chowder out of the stock and snapper meat (along with some aromatics, potatoes, etc.)

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          I've enjoyed leftover fish gelatin and all mixed with yellow rice,pimentos and and green olives .A Haitian woman once gave me fish and black rice with onions hot sauce .Pretty ,pretty good it was.

          1. re: scunge

            I love fish gelatin, which is why I suggested stock. But it certainly isn't for everyone's palate, however.

        2. My dear wife made fish cakes -- zest of a couple Meyer lemons, their juice, minced scallions from the garden, a skiff of mayo -- tamped in cheap-ass Progresso bread crumbs, then sauteed and served over volunteer arugula (EVOO & Manadori balsamic) from the incipient garden. Nice snack. Thanks all for your ideas!