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May 20, 2012 10:24 AM

After the Ball Fields

Hi, a friend and I want to check out the Red Hook Ball fields next weekend and I was wondering where to stroll for more interesting things to sample afterwards? Is there one particular street/ave that would extend our appetite for the variety that Brooklyn has to offer?

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  1. Well, that location is a tad remote, but you've got two basic options. You can go deeper into Red Hook and explore Van Brunt St. etc, or you can trek over to Carroll Gardens and do Court St..


    Some people are enthusiastic about snacking at Ikea, which is a few blocks from the ballfields. I think that's pretty boring.

    Further afield there is bakery and coffee at Baked, lobster rolls at Red Hook Lobster Pound, a fantastic bar called Fort Defiance which specializes in lovingly crafted cocktails, and Defonte's sandwich shop for delicious deli sandwiches.

    The Southern tip of Carroll Gardens includes Buttermilk Channel (good for bloody marys and comfort food) and Prime Meats (another great bar), probably some people can think of something snacky you could find over there.

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      Note that Defonte's is closed on Sunday and Saturday Afternoon at 4 PM. More importantly, I think there is enough variety and quantity at the ballfields to fill up on.

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        Good point about defonte's weekend hours - its really not a great "after the ballfields" snack type place, its more like a "after working a double in your construction job" or "after a marathon" kind of snack.

    2. Depending on how ambitious you're feeling, the walk over to, and then up Van Brunt can make for a very nice day (as scooter has already mentioned).

      Just last weekend I did that. We went to the ball fields, feasted, then walked over to Van Brunt. The trouble was the Red Hook Immersion event was taking place, so everything along VB was completely mobbed. Even so, after walking up Van Brunt you could stroll over towards Columbia Street where you can go to Pok Pok, Calexico, the Jalopy Lounge (used to be Moonshine), B61 bar and Alma.

      I honestly can't imagine leaving the ball fields hungry. But a nice long walk could whet your appetite.

      1. Either Van Brunt or Court St would fit the bill, tho I, too, can't imagine being hungry after the ballfields. If you do Van Brunt/Red Hook, make a quick stop at fairway just because the location is so amazing. Then there's baked, fort defiance, the lobster pound, etc. Red Hook on a sunny saturday sometimes feels like a beach town, which is kind of nice.

        Court St has more shops, restaurants, and boutiques than Van Brunt. It also still retains it's Italian flavor, if you're into that. Caputo's fine foods is a great place to stock up on fresh pasta and other things for later. There's also esposito's pork store, with its homemade salamis, and monteleone's bakery (great for cookies) and court pastry (great for filled italian pastries). Luna Rossa and Enoteca both have decent pizza, and Lucali's is nearby, if it's evening and you're wiling to brave the mobs. There are also plenty of trendy/decent places to eat, though on weekend days they tend to be completely mobbed by brunch-starved hipsters and families.