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May 20, 2012 10:01 AM

Skirt steak

I'll be in the area next weekend, mostly northern burbs- Northbrook area, but will have car (and family with me). I'm looking for a place for Skirt steak. nothing too upscale due to the kids. any thoughts.

also, any thoughts on Francesco's Hole In the Wall, looks like a good place for a bite.

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  1. Myron and Phil's in Lincolnwood.

    1. Blue Grass in Highland Park does a very good skirt (sandwich or entree).

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      1. re: ferret

        I like the looks of the menu. the beet salad and mushroom broil look good. we have a reservation here for thursday. thanks

        1. re: Goofy Yno

          Mushroom broil is surprisingly good. This is the odd place that tries too hard (menu is all over the place) but succeeds more often than it fails.

      2. Mizrahi Grill makes a decent skirt steak - - They are in Highland Park just north of Northbrook -

        1. I've had some terrific meals at Hole in the Wall. Only caveat is that is a bit more uneven in recent years, but you should give it a shot. It can get busy, so allow for that.

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          1. re: camusman

            Maybe it's uneveness, but I ate there last month for the first time in a couple of years and thought it had gone significantly downhill.

            Prairie Grass Cafe is another close by option for skirt steak.

          2. Hole in the wall is very enjoyable but not family friendly. No reservations, long waits, and the dining room is crowded. Skirt steak is very common in Mexican restaurants. If you are open to Mexican, La Casa de Isaac in Highland Park is the best in the area and not expensive. Blue Grass is also a good suggestion.

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            1. re: mbpg

              long wait, not good. (I'd like to blame the kids but I'm the problem:) . As for Mexican, Living in Arizona, I get my fill. I have fond memories of having grilled skirt stake at my aunts house when she lived in chicago. I'm glad you agreed on Blue Grass, cause that's what we're going to try.

              1. re: Goofy Yno

                We went to Bluegrass. Stopped by here with my 2 boys (8 &11) after a long flight from phoenix. The staff were all very nice and accommodating. They made us feel very comfortable, even the chef came out and played with the boys. The food was some of the best we had in Chicago. The skirt steak was marinated to a very tender flavorful state, and cooked perfectly. The tuna poke was fantastic, as was the beat salad. All six of us were very pleased with the meal. I would recommend going here.

                1. re: Goofy Yno

                  You were the right demographic, they're very kid friendly. And one of the few examples where an all-over-the-place menu works.