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May 20, 2012 08:24 AM

Need Help with Dutch Pancake Recipe in Martha Stewart Living Summer Issue

When I was flipping through the recent issue of MSL, the Blueberry Dutch Pancakes really caught my eye. I would love to make these but I do not own cast-iron skillets of any size, shape, or form. So what cookware should I use? I know that cast-iron retains heat really well so I am thinking of using a 10" Pyrex pie plate for these. Of course I need to alter the recipe, but I think I can manage. What do you think of this idea? What would you substitute for the cast-iron if you were in my situation?


Here's the link:

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  1. I use pyrex pie plates all the time for very similar baked apple pancakes. I melt the butter in them in the oven, then pour the batter in and bake. Works just fine. You should have no problem substituting.

    Thinner by the way is better with this type of pancake. The baked apple pancake recipe called for one 10 inch pan. The first time I made it it came out really thick and wasn't good. My husband suggested dividing the recipe in half and now I make two pancakes from that recipe. Excellent!

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      My Family has made " Dutch Babies" in Pyrex for years as well to great success.
      Make sure your oven is hot.

    2. I just did a ggogle search: dutch pancakes in pyrex Then hit "images." There were several pics of pyrex being used for this type of pancake.

      1. If you have a stainless-steel skillet, I'd use that, since you can pre-heat it in the oven. If you use Pyrex you won't be able to pre-heat which I think adversely affects the texture.

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          I melt the butter in a pyrex pan in a 400 degree oven no problem when I make a baked pancake.

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            Eehh... I've had a pyrex basically explode when adding cool/cold liquid to a hot pan. Cleaning up all those little shards of heat-shocked glass isn't a fun way to spend an afternoon. To each his own, but I won't risk that again! :)

        2. I've used my regular 8" non-stick layer cake pans - worked just fine and can make two at once!

          1. Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts! I'm liking the idea of preheating my pan so I plan on using my 9" cake pans I own. I have roughly 6 of them--a snowball effect of my mother and grandmother's baking practices. :) If this idea doesn't suit the recipe, I will give the Pyrex dish a try. I will, however, not preheat it. Not a good idea. Pyrex, the company, states in their manuals and on their website (, that you shouldn't put cool or cold items on a hot Pyrex product.

            Thanks again everyone!

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              Sounds like a good plan.

              As an addendum, putting the butter in first and melting it in the pyrex pan, isn't preheating an empty pan.

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                You're totall right about not putting cold things in a hot Pyrex. I know people who have exploded them that way. The cold batter in the hot pan is probably not a good idea!