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May 20, 2012 07:35 AM

Milwaukee -ish / Green Bay -ish Area Take Out Food For Road Trips

Howdy. Here's what I seek:
I drive from Chicago to the Upper Penninsula several times a year (and back.) Maybe 10-15 trips each year. I'm looking for good road eats on 43N, then I take the Greeen Bay route 141/41. We normally stopped at various garbage fast food joints for road food until we found Bates City BBQ just outside Green Bay (Lineville,) but then they moved. I was ecstatic when I found that place, and it was destined to be "our place" for a long time, but they moved off of our route, and I'm back at square one. Last trip, I stopped at Ashley's bbq in Milwaukee around Center and 15th? It was decent, tho it lacked a good smoke punch, and the sauce was food service garbage. I'd stop there again if I can't find anything better. I have no real problem bringin my own sauce for the occaision.

So, what I need is VERY quick on/off xpwy 94, 43, 41/141.
I'll be doing take out only.
Easy to eat while driving.
I'm not seeking bbq specifically at ALL. Just mentioned those two places as examples. Both were easy off/on, offer take out, and easy driving food. I eat EVERYTHING, and I mean everything. Indian, Thai, super spicy, Sushi, I seriously eat EVERYTHING.

I have yet to try Kopps, I think there is one very close to 43. I like the idea of finding something more interesting than good burgers tho.

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  1. A few ideas that pop in to my head right away are Big Star Drive-In, Kenosha. If I was forced to choose one greasy burger place to eat the rest of my life, it would be here.

    In Green Bay, definitely check out Joe's Texas BBQ. I've posted about this place before. It is some of the best brisket I've had anywhere in the country, made by a Texas transplant who couldn't find barbecue he liked in Green Bay, so started doing his own. Different style than you'd see at Ashley's, Speed Queen, etc..

    In Marinette, right on the main drag (can't remember if it's 41 or 141) is Mickey-Lu's BBQ. Don't let the name fool you, there's no BBQ, but they have a charcoal grill right behind the diner counter making some really good, back yard style burgers. I've been there a few times and loved the burgers both times. I got the tip from a local and they seem to do a ton of business.

    As for MKE, your options are retry much endless, so it's kind of tough to even know where to start, but I would maybe recommend stopping at one of the Mexican taco trucks on the near south side. Theyre all similar, but my favorite is El Cabrito on Mitchell/Muskego. Goat is there specialty and their tortas are great! Good road food. There's also one perhaps more convenient for your travels right off of 94 on 6th and Beecher.

    I certainly don't need to tel you about Pasties in the UP, but I do like JeanKays in Iron Mountain.
    Hope that helps!

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    1. re: KoolWhip

      Joe's would be right up my alley, but it seems a little too far off of 43 for me. I'll check to see.

      Mickey-Lu has been on my shortlist for a while.

      Back to MKE -
      Best thing for eating while driving in a car, closest to 43 / 94. Is it El Cabrito?

      1. re: gordeaux

        El Cabrito is a few miles off the freeway, so if location is number one factor it may be too far away. It's about 20-25 blocks off the free way. But it's the best. Theres so may options in Milwaukee I'm sure others will chime in with recommendations. This board is really good with suggestions. Agee other ideas would be getting a sandwich from Gloriosos on Brady, Kopps in Glendale a sandwich from Benjis deli in Brown Deer. I'll post more recs when I think of them

        1. re: gordeaux

          The Kopp's in Glendale (MKE, northern suburbs) is right next to I-43 and right near the Silver Spring Rd exit. A little further south (Near the Hampton Rd exit) on the same street is Solly's, another haven for burgers and especially their shakes, but a burger from Solly's is not likely to be easy to eat while driving.

          If I remember correctly, Sendik's has taken over a convenience store near the Brown Deer Rd exit off I-43, in which case anything from their deli counter is likely to be very good. It is the same exit you would use to go to Benji's deli.

          And a hearty AMEN to what KoolWhip said about Mickey-Lu's! Their burgers are not the biggest i've ever had, but they are still the best. Their brats are pretty sensational too, and the buns they use for both are wonderful.

      2. Ok, so, update.
        On this trip,we'll probably hit Mickey Lu's on the way back. Our departure time dictates that we will be stopping somewhere close to Green Bay right around dinner time. The normal route is 43n to 141 to 41, and then after Green Bay, we take the split WEST to 22/141 through towns like Lena and Crivitz. I'm still looking for some magical place along that route. I know it's out there. And again, we eat EVERYTHING. Anyone have a hidden gem? Bates City Bbq at the Lineville exit wasn't the best bbq in the world, but it was the best food on that route that we came across by a wide margin.

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          For the kopps in Glendale get off at silver spring and go south.
          Park on the north side if you can - there has been a rash of car break ins by the FedEx just south of kopps. Take a quick break and hit sprecher's as well.