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May 20, 2012 07:13 AM

Vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Rome

No idea how I could have missed chow all these years. Any way, better late than never :-).

My wife and I will be spending nine days in Rome at the beginning of June. I am vegetarian but she is a big seafood / fish lover.

Does anybody have any recommendations for restaurants that would cater for both of us? I would just like to be able to go into a restaurant and be able to order something without having to ask for any special treatment :-). We don't mind an occasional fancy restaurant but don't need that every night.

We will be staying at a B&B that is close to St. Peters but don't mind going away from the tourist trail.

Going through this board I already found two places that could be good options: Il Margutta (purely veg) and Armando.

Looking forward to your recommendations.


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  1. If you've looked at the menu of Armando al Pantheon( it's online) and think it works for you, then probably the other eateries serving Roman dishes most often highly-recommended by this board will work for you as well, so long as you stay away from those that are really all about seafood, and ones that serve fixed menus for lunch.

    I will also add that I really enjoyed the mixed vegetable antipasta served at Hosteria Nerone if you are planning to be near the Colosseum. It is very generous and filled with variety (including egg-based items). They also have pastas with beans and fish dishes. I believe they also offer grilled cheeses as a main entree, but I am not sure.

    I more enjoyed eating Il Margutta's buffet lunch than I did its dinner (which was too much food) and of course there are no non-vegetarian options for non-vegetarians there.

    Is your b&b closer to the Trastevere side of Vatican City or the side with the Lepanto metro stop? Or more simply put, just exactly where is it?

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      Thank you very much for your fast response and for your recommendations!!!

      The B&B is quite close to the Ottaviano metro station .

    2. Unless you're vegan, I really wouldn't worry at all. A quick Q-and-A (does this contain meat or meat broth?) doesn't get you into the sphere of special treatment. But don't worry too much about special treatment. Asking questions and making requests, if done in a spirit of curiosity and interest, is a good way to get everybody interested in your dinner, and you will eat better. This is sometimes hard for Anglos, who don't want to be a bother, to accept, but trust me.

      There are plenty of cheeses, salads, and vegetables at every sort of restaurant, and even a seafood place can whip you up a veg pasta, and you shouldn't hesitate to ask.

      1. I am a vegan and my husband is vegetarian and I have never had a problem in Italy with finding something to eat. be warned, however, esp in Rome. Some restaurants have served me veggie dishes with pancetta and said, "There is no meat, it is just for flavor." Pork products can shpw up in many places as "flavor." Just make sure you tell them no meat including pancetta.