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May 20, 2012 05:29 AM

Celebratory girls' night in Back Bay early June?

Hello. I am newish to Boston, and have invited 4 friends who live in the burbs/further out, to a birthday celebration. Age range is 30-50. Since we don't get out much (kids, kids and more kids), we would like to go somewhere lively, busy and fun! And yet, we don't want a bad meal. I think Back Bay is the best area for us so we can stroll before and after dinner. Price is not an issue; however, I want to steer clear of the formal, white tablecloth setting. Full bar with good cocktails and nice wine list is a plus. A couple of us have a penchant for French food. I like Italian but don't want it for my birthday. Suggestions made by others include: Tico, Tapeo, and Bistro du Midi. What do you think of these? Do you have other suggestions?

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  1. I did do a search and there wasn't much that addressed the issue of liveliness with respect to these 3 places. Could someone please comments on at least these 3? Thanks.

    1. I've not been to any of those 3 places, so I'll let others advise on them. Having a similar penchant for French cuisine, I can recommend La Voile on Newbury St., and Brasserie Jo. Newbury St. is great for an evening stroll. Brasserie Jo is not so much in a pleasing stroll area, though the Christian Science Church property is nice to walk by.

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        Thank you. I have actually been to La Voile and liked it well.

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          Not Back Bay, but Gaslight in the South End might fit your criteria.. Free parking in adjacent lot.

      2. Thanks! I had not heard of that, though I've heard of Beehive.