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May 20, 2012 04:55 AM

Uses for slightly stale Bamba? Recipes maybe?

I had posted this in Home Cooking but got no responses, maybe I will have more luck here. We were gifted with a lot of Bamba and I could only fit it in a high cabinet, which resulted in me forgetting about it. i know, how can one forget Bamba? Anyways it is kind of stale now for plain eating, but has anyone ever experimented with recipes involving bamba? I am thinking maybe ground up in place of some sort of cookie crust? I just hate to throw out all this bamba! Thanks!

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  1. while I happen to hate bamba, I always like a challenge...One really easy thing to do would be pulverize it to a pretty fine consistency (a few pulses in the food processor should do the trick) and you can use it in place of bread crumbs when dredging cutlets...Now like I said, I happen to not like bamba, but if I did, I could see it going well with fish, but it might go well with chicken, I don't know...
    Or another option is, to top a peanut based dish, like a sesame tofu peanut thankgamabob, and top it with crumbled bamba for some extra crunch
    the problem is, you said it's stale, so I don't know how good it actually tastes, and if it don't taste good, no matter what you do with it, I can't imagine it ending up in good results

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      Maybe in peanut butter cookies?

      Have you tried to freshen them in the oven? I've done that with crackers and tortilla chips and e even matzo.

    2. There's a book called Breakfast Cereal Gourmet by David Hoffman, that I once took out of the library (which means I don't have it here to look at). There were some (often strange) recipes for using cereal in ways you wouldn't usually. I made one recipe from the book which was called something like "Cap'n Crunch Crab Cakes." (I used mock crab, for kashrut reasons.) It seems to me that Bamba has a similar consistency to Cap'n Crunch, so maybe a recipe like that, or others from the book would be to your liking. I would suggest looking the book up on Amazon, and looking at the Table of Contents in it, to see if anything there would be useful for your Bamba.

      1. this will sound gross, but ive used cheese doodle crushed as a breading for fish and baked it, and it was delicious

        its definitely a similar consistency, just depends on if you think the tastes would work together

        i also feel like YEARS ago, when waldbaums had kosher for passover bamba very cheap after pesach, a friend crushed it up and used it as a crust at the bottom of a cheesecake for shavuot
        and i feel like it was delicious

        1. When your poodle is a VERY GOOD boy - share them with him! MIne LOVED them:)