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May 20, 2012 04:38 AM

Chinese Hot Pot in Hong Kong

Please help!!!

When I visited Hong Kong a few years ago, I really enjoyed a Chinese Hot Pot / steam boat buffet at Elite City Seafood Restaurant situated in Melbourne Plaza in Central. It was all you can eat within two hours.

It is not that I am not willing to pay for a good Hot Pot, the fact is I cannot read Chinese menus and a buffet is ideal and so far I have not come across a good Hot pot restaurant with an English menu.

Last year when I was visiting Hong Kong and to my disappointment the above mentioned restaurant had closed for business.

I will be visiting Hong Kong again at the end of July for two weeks, can anyone recommend a good Chinese Hot Pot buffet restaurant or ones with English menu please. I am staying at MongKok so preferably in Central or TST.

Much appreciated for suggestions.

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  1. This might help you?!!
    You sure you want to eat Hot Pot in the middle of July?!

    1. Opinions differ on this place, and it's a little overpriced, but I've been twice with locals from work and really enjoyed it. Absolutely jam packed, in fact last time I went we couldn't get in, so need to book ahead. Can't be that bad if it's so popular with the locals.

      Has plenty of nice meat/veg/seafood options with pictures on the menu. If you're game, try the cock's balls (don't know how to say that in Cantonese but it'd be funny watching you act out chicken's testicles charades-style while trying to order).

      Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine
      2/F, Sino Cheer Plaza, 23-29 Jordan Road, , Jordan

      1. Hi, hope this helps. Garden Restaurant, Nathan Road near the Temple Market place. There was six of us, about an hour wait on a Friday pm. Price was about $18.00 pp. US. Enjoy!