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May 20, 2012 04:16 AM

chocolate tart recipe

I would like to know the exact quantities of the ingredients to bake a 6 inch chocolate tart, because I have the pastry case already made and it's about that large; I don't want to get the quantities wrong.
It's the first time I am making one so I need a hand :)
Many thanks in advance. I forgot to say I don't have a scale unfortunately

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  1. Joy of cooking has a dark chocolate tart that I use all the time. They may be calling it a torte. The recipe is for a 9" torte so you may have a bit extra. Very quick and easy. Shortbread crust is typically the way I go. Good luck and enjoy. CC

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      This gives conversions for pan sizes. A six inch requires 2/3 of the batter of a nine inch. But I would make the whole recipe and as others suggest bake extra filling in another pan.

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        Actually, a 6" circle is only about half the size of a 9" circle in terms of surface area (about 28 square inches for the 6" vs. about 63 square inches for the 9"). So, half of a recipe for a 9" pan will do just fine, although it certainly won't hurt if you have extra - just bake it in a separate dish.

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        I can't locate the recipe you mention, the dark chocolate tart/torte. Could you post a link or paraphrase the recipe, if you get a chance please? I'm playing around with different dark chocolate tarts and I'd like to try this one. Thank you!

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          I've been in school, sorry this response was delayed.

          Joy of Cooking, 1997 edition, p892, Bittersweet Chocolate Tart.
          In a 9 1/2-10" two piece pan prepare a shortbread crust.
          Preheat oven to 375.
          Bring to simmer 1 cup heavy cream. Remove from heat.
          Add 8 ounces of bittersweet or semisweet chocolate chopped. Whisk till melted and smooth.
          Then whisk in 1 large egg, lightly beaten.
          Add to tart shell. Bake until center seems set but still quivery, approx 15-18 minutes. Serve warm or room temp with whipped cream.
          I use Ghiradelli chocolate, seems to work well. I also use more than 8 ounces. Any other questions, let me know. Enjoy.

      3. Can't help you with the measurements, BUT I've made a Belgian chocolate tart that makes too much filling for my 9-in tart. The extra chocolate filling can be put into ramekins and baked. Once cooled, they freeze well. In fact, I thawed one yesterday for a nice snack after a long session on the rowing machine! So, if you do have extra, no need to think you'll have to get rid of it.

        1. So, I was listening to The World on NPR a couple of days ago, and this chocolate-cherry tart recipe was mentioned at the end of the segment: Not very precise in any way... I have no idea how big this is and I was curious about it calling for pie pastry, but being called a tart. Thoughts, suggestions? I really want to try it!

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            I think canned cherry filling does not do justice to good chocolate.

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              I agree w/ magiesmom--it's an odd mix to ask for the finest Belgian chocolate and then have canned cherry filling, plus an nondescript "pie crust." There are different types of pie crusts, pate brisee, pate sucree, etc. You need one that will stand on its own when you remove the edge, especially with something soft like canned cherries. This might be helpful on which crust to use. I think a sablee would be good w/ cherries. Sorry I left out the accent marks.


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                Chowser - Thank you so much for that link; it was really interesting. Much appreciated!

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                Well - I did a test run for dessert tonight and it was actually completely awesome with the beta batch, so I can't imagine how great it will be with the stellar ingredients. I used a can of Oregon brand pitted dark sweet cherries (not pie filling) and Ghirardelli semi-sweet for the cherry chocolate ingredients and it was really luscious.

                I'm kind of wondering of something was lost in the very loose translation --- I think the pastry chef from Malta might not possibly mean it the way it came out in the article's recipe? Anyway - the beta batch was really nice.

              3. Try Anna Olsen recipe she has made a chocolate tart on her show on Food Network before.