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May 20, 2012 02:15 AM

Having trouble fFinding cookware without Teflon or aluminum

I live in England, and have had a lot of problems trying to find aluminum and Teflon free cookware

Can't afford "All Clad"

Suggestions much appreciated !

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  1. John Lewis usually stocks decent steel at reasonable price points. Some do have aluminium sandwich bases but this is firmly sandwiched in the core between the steel so doesn't come into contact with the food so is quite safe if concerned about such things. Most saucepans will have copper or aluminium sandwiched in the base to even out the heat distribution as cheap steel on it own can be prone to hotspots thus good pure steel can be expensive.

    1. Hi,

      you state "All Clad". This range ?

      So do you want Stainless Steel only ?

      If cast Iron is fine try :

      Matthew Fort (Guardian) is a man that answers queries such as this :

      As PhilD stated, John lewis, but be careful of aluminium

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      1. re: Patra19

        Thank-you for the Good suggestions !

        All clad is lovely , but way beyond my budget,

        cast iron is too heavy for me, but it is very good to cook with, I'll try Matthew Fort,

        This is more difficult than I thought..I have been looking for weeks, in America there is Merola cookware, but some of the reviews were too mixed and the cost of having it sent over here would be too pricey, as it is pricy to begin with !

        Also GreenPan, I wrote and asked them about aluminum , and they never got back to me?

          1. re: t_g

            Looks good, will check it out,would prefer pans with heat resistant handles though.

          2. re: Elyzabeth


            perhaps, try contacting your local University's Chemistry Faculty / Department.


        1. Try John Lewis. We got our Le Creuset Tri-ply stainless saucepans from there, I'm pretty sure they do an "own-brand" version as well, which should be cheaper. GIven that it's John Lewis, the own brand will be top quality and come with an impressive guarentee.

          Lakeland Limited is also worth looking at, although I'm not sure if they carry an own-brand SS line. THey also have legendary customer service.

          Ikea's 365+ range is also SS.

          1. What pans do you mostly use now please Lyz? I ask because SS (which looks like the way you are heading) can take a bit of getting used to with sticking issues etc. Maybe you could buy a modest item of SS and use it for a bit as a trial? Judge Vista is OK:


            Agree with PhilD et al. about the John Lewis "Classic" range of SS. I've got some pieces and they're fine.

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            1. re: Robin Joy

              Just moved into our new house, threw out old pans they weren't what I really wanted, which is why I'm putting so much time and effort into this !

              SS pans seem to be a possibility but I know they stick !

              Someone sent me a link to a catering place, with iron panda ( I'm a bit older, so heavy pans can be a problem) and the Iron pans had "no heat free handle" either.

              Green Pan was a possibility, but they never replied to my inquiry is they were aluminum free...?

              there is also a Co in America which has a healthy eating line called Merola, which I might just have to resort to using, as plain SS cookware can be a pain in the neck to use.

              Thank-you for your suggestion !

              Will check out John Lewis

            2. Just about all of our pots and pans are John Lewis (own brand - Jonelle?) or Lakeland. Except for the chip pan which was from a stall on Bolton market, IIRC.