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May 20, 2012 01:13 AM

New Restaurants in Vancouver

Hi. I'm coming back home for a few days.

Are there any new notable restaurants that have opened in the past year? And not the same ones recycled over and over in Vancouver Magazine. I've been to pretty much all of them.

I'd also be interested in under the radar spots.

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    1. Newish places (some are more under the radar than others):

      Pizza: Via Tevere and Barbarella
      Izakaya: Suika
      BBQ: Fat Dragon (from the Fuel team - not everything is great, order with care)
      Southern-ish: Chewies
      Oyster Raw Bar: look for 50 cents a shuck on their Twitter feeds. (3-6pm?)
      Anatolia Express: inexpensive Turkish right downtown.

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        1. read the Hawksworth thread

          1. Seafood: The Crab King in Steveston, Richmond.


            BTW: high caution is required if you should consider another new seafood resto in central Richmond called Crawfish King. Read over their Urbanspoon and local blog reviews first ..... they seem to be digging their own early grave.

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              Thanks for the Crawfish King tip. Drove by once and it seemed too good to be true...imagine, no need to drive all the way to Seattle for a decent crawfish boil! Until Crawfish King gets its act together, our quest for good Cajun cuisine is still on.