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May 19, 2012 08:13 PM

Cherry season again and thinking of getting a pitter...

every cherry season i always note how much i hate slicing every cherry for my child who is now 3.5yrs old. sure, eventually he's learn to eat around the pit but for now i cut to prevent tragedies.

and so every season i always note how i should purchase a pitter but then i somehow talk myself out if it and then cherry season is over. this year i'm not letting this pass. i'm going to get one. are there any notable brands like OXO?

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  1. There is an OXO one which has a little plastic doodad that prevents a lot of juice spray. My 17 y.o. son just used it to pit about a pound of cherries in very short order. He wanted to freeze them which wasn't exactly my plan but if he's going to eat them he gets some leeway. I think I got mine at Bed,Bath and Beyond but it was a few years ago.

    1. I have the cheap one that you put a cherry in, squeeze, pit comes out into container you put underneath. Also works for olives. Great for once in awhile or small amount--enough for me.

      1. Behold. I've found the best DIY solution. check it out. it's a cherry pitter made from some forks & it works beautifully

        1. I have an OXO I really like, the hopper is funnel shaped so it can accommodate cherries of varying sizes, does a good job on olives too.

          1. I use one similar to this one I found on Amazon:


            It's still a bit of a PIA to use, but beats slicing them all by hand! I can pit a few pounds of cherries in 15 minutes. Mine is VillaWare, and suctions to the countertop. Don't know if that one is made anymore.
            It is worth every penny, believe me.