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May 19, 2012 08:12 PM

High-gluten flour

Anyone know where to buy high-gluten flour in Portland? My son and I are transplanted East Coasters, and boiled NY-style bagels are so rare in these parts we decided to make our own. On the recommendation of a Cooks Illustrated recipe, I ordered the necessary high-gluten flour and barley malt syrup online, and the resulting bagels turned out great.

So no problem, except we like our bagels so much we'd like to make them ... oh, say, every weekend, and ordering online is a delayed-gratification drag .... plus there's shipping costs.

In a great foodie town like Portland, there must be a place for civilians to buy high-gluten flour, right? Help us out!

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  1. Try Sheridan's Mkt on SE MLK...they have a great bulk section. But New Season's and Whole Foods are likely to have it. Also, what do you consider high gluten? King Arthur Flour for bread machines is very high gluten since the machine whacks the hell out of the dough, and that flour is around everywhere....

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      King Arthur makes a flour that is specifically labeled "high gluten," which is what I used, and it indeed makes a very stiff dough. Flour for bread machines would probably work ... maybe just not as well. I'll check out your suggestions for places to find it -- thanks!

    2. Bob's red mill AP flour actually has a higher gluten content than many of the bread flours or high gluten flours out there, plus you can buy it in bulk at a lot of the Fred Meyer stores for a good price. Most if not all Bread flours can be considered high gluten, but vary in gluten content, with Gold Medal "Better for Bread" flour being the lowest gluten content and King Arthur/Bobs being far greater.

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        Bob's also sells vital wheat gluten as a separate item, which is a great addition if you want to make whole wheat bread nice and chewy or substitute in gluten-free grains. They have a web site that lists everything they sell, but the best thing is to go to the store over in Milwaukie. It's just off of Hwy 224. The bulk bins are amazing.