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May 19, 2012 07:07 PM

Shredding Cabbage This Fine

How do you get cabbage this fine? I am assuming it is napa cabbage. I can't get that with a knife and I don't think my mandolin will do that fine. Hoping someone knows the trick.

Here is a picture of it

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  1. I would think it was done with the fine julienne blade on a benriner ..

    1. I have watched a woman shredding it that fine in a taco trailer in Sonoyta, Mexico, for years, She has a knack, and uses a cheapo knife, I don't know how she does it, but she makes shreds you can see through. The tacos are ethereally wonderful as well- mesquite grilled beef and some grimy-but delicious sides outside the trailer that you can add to your tacos.

      1. It can be done with a knife.

        I used to do it all the time at my parent's restaurant when making Chinese baos.

        1. I use what is known as a tri-blade rotary vegetable get thin shaved onions and lettuce, similar to what you use for a submarine/hoagie/grinder sandwich. For the lettuce, you have to peel the outer leaves to get the lettuce to a more appropriate size for the gadget to do its magic. Check out around the 4 minute mark...

          However, I find a good sharp knife will do the trick just as well with a little practice. The knife that works best for me is a Chinese Style Cleaver/Chef's Knife like this....

          1. no way i could do it, but i've seen it done with a knife. if i ever moved a knife that fast i'd be down to about two knuckles on each finger.