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May 19, 2012 06:47 PM

Turkey Burger seasonings and moisteners

Many non red meat eaters coming to annual Memorial Day grill fest. I want to make turkey burgers bit want them to be tasty and not dry, if possible.Your thoughts?

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  1. We like rosemary, cracked pepper, dijon mustard and a little red wine vinegar. Never add salt. Tastes great on a toasted bun with dill pickles and garlic mayo.

    1. I use finely minced onion or mushroom to help add moisture. A turkey burger mix we make (also works with lamb) fine minced onion, crushed garlic, oregano, feta cheese. We serve them without buns but any sort of bread that would compliment Greek food would work for a bun

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        Another vote for finely minced mushrooms -- the meaty texture doesn't detract from the turkey, and it adds a lot of flavor and moisture.

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          +1 on onions and mushrooms for moisture. And Worcestershire.

          1. The trick I discovered in an Italian cookbook for meatballs and the like was to use breadcrumbs (or stale bread) soaked in milk and mixed into the ground meat, to produce very tender moist results.

            1. I like scallions, ground cumin, and a bit of pureed chipotle en adobo as seasonings, for a bit of Southwestern flavor. I agree that finely chopped onion helps with moisture. And using dark meat.

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                I think I'll go with the onion, and maybe the chipotle. Thanks!

              2. My best friend's teenage daughter made turkey burgers for dinner the other night. and mixed the ground turkey with turkey sausage. Not sure of proportions since I wasn't there when she made them, but she said she didn't add any other seasonings or binders. The fat in the sausage helped keep them moist and I loved the flavor.

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                  I'll second the idea of incorporating some turkey sausage or turkey bacon. Garlic and onion are essential, and adding coleslaw helps with moisture and texture. It is better to use shredded rather than chopped cabbage, and to slice onions into paper-thin rings with a mandoline. The reason for this is that the strings of cabbage and onion form a matrix that helps keep the meat from falling apart.

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                    cole slaw with mayo? no cooked mayo for me!

                    1. re: magiesmom

                      Yes, although there's not all that much mayo in the cup or so of slaw that I'd add to 2 pounds of meat. There is no greasiness in the burgers, just moistness. Oil, eggs, and vinegar - those get cooked into all sorts of foods and sauces. Guess you don't like hollandaise or bearnaise either.