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May 19, 2012 06:09 PM

Good food and/or coffee with WIFI in Los Angeles

I'm a "foodie" who is also in grad school. That means a ridiculous amount of time studying and working on the laptop. As a break from working at home, its nice to find a restaurant with some good food and Internet where I can grab lunch or dinner while continuing to study.

Unfortunately, the options seem very limited. Starbucks, etc. don't have "real" food and the coffee is rather poor. Cafe Primo on Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood was a favorite for ages, but we've grown tired of the food.

So, my question to the fellow board members: Where can I find good food (and possible good coffe) at a place that also has Internet and doesn't mind a laptop on the table while I eat? Bonus points if they're open late.

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  1. Where in L.A.?

    I often have the same issue... I'm on the westside and right now my favorite place has been L'Epicerie in Culver City. They also have a VERY student friendly happy hour EVERYDAY from 3p-7p.

    Also a bit more pricy, Curious Palate in Santa Monica, I like working on their patio and the buzz of the city and people below.

    My 'unofficial' office when I just want some joe or something sweet while photo editing is Scoops Westside. Open till 10p and then you can walk over to Chego for late night grub (No wifi)



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      Thanks for the good suggestions!

      I'm over by West Hollywood/Hollywood. So L'Epicerie in Culver City might be an option.

    2. You might try Tiago at Hollywood Blvd & LaBrea. They're not open late -- I think they close by 7 or 8 pm -- but they have a nice patio.

      1. Bumping this up to see if there are any more suggestions.

        1. nearby to Curious Palate, I would also recommend The Venice Grind, exceptional coffee for the area and their treats are not half bad.

          1. In West Hollywood... open latish and with food is ROFL Cafe. The food is decently (Freshly prepared) and the coffee and juice drinks pretty good.

            For great coffe with Wifi, there is Coffee Commissary (I'm not sure if the Wifi reaches Fat Dog Tavern next door)

            For a more chill place (Coffee Commisary gets pretty busy), Irish Coffee House, although they aren't open late.


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              It took me a few minutes to get used to the decor at ROFL, but it is a good pick.

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                I don't think Coffee Commissary has food, but ROFL looks very interesting!

                Both right down the street from me, so worth trying.