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May 19, 2012 03:47 PM

Northampton Dinner Recs for a Pescetarian

Hi. I'll be in Northampton in June, and would appreciate some dinner recommendations for a pescetarian. I used to really enjoy Green Street when I was there a few years ago, but it looks like it's closed. I also liked Haymarket Cafe & Northampton Coffee for some coffee/tea and quick nibble. Hated Fitzwillys. Any suggestions, given what I used to like there? Thanks!

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  1. How about Paul and Elizabeth's? Casual, but solid food.
    Also, I happen to LOVE India House on State St. I've heard great things about the sushi at Osaka, but haven't been

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      I much prefer India Palace on Main st. Paul And ELizabeth's is good, try the shrimp/veggie tempura.
      Woodstar is nice for coffee and has many vegetarian soups and sandwiches . Try Green Bean foe excellent breakfast and lunch, next door to Broadside Books. Also Amanouz , good falafel, loubia and baba ganouj as well as a good asparagus omelet if you are coming soon.

    2. Thanks jefpen2 & magiesmom! Great to be reminded of Paul & Elizabeth's and Woodstar, both of which I like. In searching for a place, I've also come across Bistro Les Gras and Chez Albert. Any thoughts on those? Thanks again! K

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        Many people like Bistro LG, I don't as I find it pretentious and overly impressed with itself.
        Have not been to new CHez Albert location.

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          Good to know. In what ways do you find it pretentious?

          In looking for some places to eat when I'm there, I don't particularly care if they're more casual or more fancy, I'd just like some good food. Hence Chowhounds! ;)

          Thanks for your help.

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            The feel of the place, the descriptions of the food, the prices. But as I said, many people like it.
            I love green Bean for good, fresh food, locally sourced, sense of humor about itself/

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          Chez Albert is one of my favorite restaurants in the area. Excellent bistro style food and wine selection. I love their Basque seafood stew and the beef tartine.

        3. If you're coming in early June, you'll be there for Northampton Restaurant Week. You can see the various menus here: http://www.northamptonrestaurantweek..... I've had mixed luck with Restaurant Weeks in the past, and places like Eastside Grill include an upcharge on the $21 prix fixe. Eastside has a good selection of seafood, by the way.
          Another option might be Eclipse, on Main St. They've always got at least a couple of seafood offerings on the menu. My kids loved the steelhead, for example.

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            Thanks, edub23. Great to know about the restaurant week option, and thanks for the link. I'll check out the website for Eclipse.

          2. Thanks everyone. Had a great trip with yummy food:

            1. Paul & Elizabeth's -- yummy stir fry in a peaceful atmosphere.

            2. Chez Albert (Amherst) -- very good french bistro food and charming spot.