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May 19, 2012 03:11 PM

Yorktowns Farmer Market

I went today and I thought it was great. I met Karen the organizer and her assistant and they were both very friendly and happy to see the market open.

All of the produce I saw looked very fresh, the breads, cakes, pies etc looked delicious. There was a lot to see, I guess around 25 - 30 vendors.

I bought some pro-biotic Latin pepper cheese, nice flavor, I would have liked more spice but most people wouldn't. I will be having organic pork Romano and garlic sausage for dinner. I picked up some nice fennel and leeks to try out some recipes I found here.

Overall I think the first day was a success, several vendors were running out of some products before noon so the response was greater than expected.

Did anyone else stop by?

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  1. I've been there both weeks so far. Nice selection of vendors, some stuff is higher priced than I'd like. But it's definitely nicer than Peekskill, and the Danbury Fair market isn't being held this year, plus it's really great to finally have one in town. Kudos to Karen and her husband for making this happen, despite the ridiculous opposition.