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May 19, 2012 03:10 PM

Fresh Thai Lime Leave Recipes

Hello all,
I was sooooo lucky today at the farmer's market to buy fresh Thai Lime Leaves. I did a bit of a search for Thai recipes (and I have a book), but I thought I would turn to my Chowhound peeps to see if anyone has used these wonderful leaves for any recipes that are their favorites. I bought quite a few so I'm sure one dish won't use them all, so if anyone has any other suggestions for their use I'm all ears, really eyes I guess :)

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  1. There are just an enormous amount of Thai recipes that use lime leaves!
    I like Tom yam, but also red chicken or beef curry with bamboo shoots (and lime leaves) as well as many many others. Maybe have a look at, plenty recipes and explanations of techniques etc.
    There is also a thread here on chowhound about tried and tested recipes from david thompson's thai cookbooks that might give you some ideas.
    I have heard that you can freeze the leaves as well, but I've never tried it.
    Have fun cooking and let us know what you are making. The taste of the leaves is really one of the things that make Thai food taste Thai :)

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    1. Pad Prik Khing uses 5 or 6 for 4 servings. As mentioned already many Thai soups and Curries use a good dose of Kaffir Lime Leaves.
      You can also look to Indonesia and Cambodia for recipes that use them.
      They freeze very well and are nice to have around since they can be hard to find in certain seasons.

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        A very good suggestion by chefj: Indonesian food uses lime leaves, although not as often as Thai. Another link for you, very good on the Indonesian recipes, a bit less so on the others: I would suggest the babi rujak

        Pad prik khing is one of my favourites. Think I might just go and make it for lunch as I got a little bit of home made left over red curry past...